My OHOL experience (part 1)

[PART 1]
Infiltrating the “coders”

Ok here goes my first attempts on the game:

1st: I spawn as an eve and didn’t know much about the game apart of living off with wild berries , carrots and bananas.

2nd: i spawn in a small village with a forge , it was a poor village without the necessary materials such as fertile soil to sustain the needs of a village but at the time i found it amazing because they had some stone tools i could mess around with. But soon i died because we had no food left.

3rd: i wanted to spawn back in that village because i thought i was just incompetent to find food by myself so i quickly found ways to kill myself.

4th: i spawn in an a small town , it had a sheep penn, iron tools and i was so excited to grow up and play with these players that could make iron tools and learn to use all those that were all organised in wooden boxes , it almost seemed like i was dreaming.

But i was welcomed with a grim question;
Mother: code?

All of my excitement vanished instantly , my hopes of learning … All gone in an instant.
But i couldn’t give up yet!

I make a pitiful attempt;
I try desperately to communicate.
Me: U.h.m. W.h.a.t.?

Mother: picks me up again you don’t have a code.

Me:pl.s. no.

After my mom left me to die i quickly went to other people to try making them feed me.

Me: f! F! F!

The guy feeds me a berry and asks for my name , but my mother comes in and tells that person.

Mother: he doesn’t have a code leave him.

The guy was forced to obey and they left me on the ground.

A third person comes in and tells me:
“Ahah lol you die”

I couldn’t give up after hearing that.
I decided to scan the village , i thought that maybe i could attempt finding that village as an eve.

My hunger bar had only 1 box left. I accepted defeat.

I admired the town as i was slowly starving.
So all i could do was observe.

I already accepted my fate but a millisecond before my screen turned black i could see a person conversing with 2 people:
“Where is Shannon?”


5th: i spawn as an eve , and i met a person called [censored] , i quickly told him that i was trying to spawn in a modern town but they used these stupid codes. We had a plant , and that to infiltrate this group. We called the operation “Pies” , it was also our secret code to identify ourselves. I then proceeded to share my discord account info.
So then we could chat safely in private.

6th: i spawned in this town with codes , my mom asked me for a code and so did my friend , i told him to use the name “Rouger”.
I told my mom:
She: uhm who?
Me: S-h-a-n-o-n !

She then raised me until i could feed my own. I was now officially a part of them.

Mission completed

What should i do now? I asked myself.

[PART 2]= (if link is not here yet it means i haven't written it yet)

You probably shouldn’t have posted this is you wanted to be sneaky

Thank you for your concern but im already aware of that.
Those events happened at 24-25th of December so it doesn’t really matter if i talk about it or not.

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