My son ran off with another woman

Me and my friend were trying to get back to a town we were in, while voice chatting. Unfortunately I became an eve and tried to kill myself. When getting yellow fever my friend said “Why is my mom orange?” right after a baby popped out of me lol.

So I managed to feed my friend in time, we found a spot and settled, while getting materials another female showed up with some adobe. I was shouting “Ohhhhhhhhh” or something while my friend rushed over asking “What !?” The female was Korean, but didn’t seem like she didn’t want us there. We were ok with her being here, so we split up to find more stuff. I gave birth to a son, but he was acting weird and poking around. I decided to take him back home and see how things go. Once my son saw the other female he ran to her and spoke Korean, she picked him up and cared for him. Leaving me there shouting at my friend "My son ran off with another woman! " Which she replied “You sound like a mother in law lol” (This is how a lot of mother in laws are in our country, they get jealous of their sons girlfriend.)

Anyway, my friend got killed by a wolf. I got bored and ended my life. We finally met in the village that we were looking for, with sheep running all over the place. Another normal day in the US server lol. Nothing feels more like home than sheep running loose and a dry berry farm.


Ah, home sweet home…