My story in enigma town

I havent really posted a topic in a while so here it goes:

So i was born into the enigma town today. I was actually happy to see it was still going. I created a bunch of clothes with sheep wool. I was just going about my day kind of happy about the amount i was accomplishing then BOOM grizzly bear comes out of no where. And i didnt expect it so i ran right into it like a dummy lol


Theyre everywhere in town! :joy:

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I never noticed i normally stayed in only one area until that moment

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They kill me all the time :joy:
We have bear challenge towards the south and sometimes ppl let em out :yum:

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That’s not the same grizzly that killed me, I don’t think. Mine was more northwest towards the sheep pens. I think there needs to be some animal control going on. :joy:


Yea lol! I was there today. But i didnt do much as there was no shovel so i couldnt make compost to do what i wanted to do