My whole family died from a bear and I Tried to kill it

So I grew up in a small town but when I was 8 someone woke up a bear who ever did it I wanted them to die in a hole. The bear killed everyone I look to see if any of them where alive but no. So I shot the bear then I shot the bear agin but when I tried to shot it the third time it killed me.i realy wanted to kill it and have kids and tell them the story of me and my family and when they died I was screaming in my room and my friend was their to she looked at me like a crazy person.


Hello talon mist.

Heres some advice to hunt bears.

  1. They cant bite you on items. In the screenshot with the bear you could have stood on the boulders, the dirt piles, the curved branch any item that you can stand on will protect you including berry bushes.

  2. Bears move up to 5 tiles at the most in a straight line up down left right and the diagnals so if its chasing you and you cant get to a item to stand on in time move one tile to the sides (make sure your not on a diagnal line from it) an you will be safe for a moment.