Neglected bbs (babies)

Have you, dear player, found yourself as a nanny of the chaotic nursery of a japanese megacity? If you were, let’s say that you see a woman fully dressed (with red wool clothes, boots and backpack) having a baby boy. She says: sorry I only accept girls. And leaves.

Now the question remains: will you pick up the baby, name it, and add it to your 50 baby nursery? Or leave it to die?

Now imagine 20 years later. The baby you saved is now 20 and is writi the laws of the city, making an democracy and building the first police dept.


I do get your point completly but it’s difficult to tell if someone is going to be useful or not and some babies do need to be neglected because too many babies can mean the end of your village so i suppose it depends on numbers

That’s why I put that example. In a place where food is everywhere, would it even mean something if you saved that baby? Mostly no, they wouldn’t thank you for saving you, and sometimes stab their real mom because “You left me”. It makes me sad bc you never know if the baby crying in the berry bushes field will do evil or good.

Don’t think there would be anyway for the system to know that either going to always be an unfortunate thing

I can’t make up my mind!

I wonder if population expansion might be more sustainable than it is usually. So if a town, at its peak, has a complete set of every station like a forge and sheep pen, what if it started expanding that? A city would presumably have several bakeries. That means your population can be as high as you like. I’ve never seen a town where people have thought of doing that successfully. Although if we did do it that might be the key to building a large enough settlement for all those laws and stuff. So I think I would save that baby boy. 4/5 they turn out all right at least. Imagine how big we could make our cities if we simply expanded our horizons a little…



I’ve tinkered with a solution to overcrowding (which leads to famine). My current idea is to create a second town far enough away so there is no competition for resources, but also close enough for some cooperation. The goal is to give jobs to the extra people. An added bonus of this is that if one dies out, the other can repopulate it.

I haven’t tried to do this in a big town yet, and my experiments in smaller ones have failed. The second town always was given up on shortly after a kiln was made :confused:. (I plan to make an post about how I think this could work in depth)


A supply line in the later stages is very useful. A straight line through while horses and cars can get through quickly means two towns can be connected well enough despite being many hundreds of screens apart potentially.