New ability for a dog Suggestion 🐶

It would be cool to see a dog that over its life it would dig up things and it would get a random item. Maybe a dog treat could be useed to make it dig one sonner. Dog treats could be made out of flour gooseberries and carrot. The dog wpuld sniff around for a while then bark maybe and you dig it up. One pf the dogs woth no abilities at this time would take this role.


i like this idea :slight_smile: its like a metal detector. you get random items and maybe they are valuable. maybe one of the items is unique and you can only get it with this dog.


Of course I would think that the items wouldn’t be live animals or huge things. For example crock pots or horses.

I like that idea. Maybe poodles could hunt ducks and chihuahuas could make tricks like jumping and bark. It would be nice if dogs could catch balls and branches as well. Would bring fun into the dog thing. :slight_smile:


Since there are berry and carrot pies i think the recipe would be to put the berry carrot bowel in a large bowel then add flour mix it all up and then pour it on a flat rock use a straight log on it use cutting tool then use a large plate on it. After that put it in the oven. Makes six treats since theres six berries.

Also fills the dogs hunger like a rabbit carrot pie slice. Well a little less the that cus theres six instead of 4 pieces.

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Maybe certain breeds could even help find other villages. In low populated servers, finding another village is rare since they die out so quickly.

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I will ponder the “treasure finder dog” idea a bit. I think it sounds like fun. Maybe it should be in a special event rather than main game though?


Congrats to all dog lovers: the Schnauzer will have treasure finding abilities in the next upcoming release!
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Take your schnauzer on a walk in the woods (same biome as the bear caves) and ask it to search for treasure. It will sniff around until it finds something interesting and will then mark the spot so you know where to dig. Bring a shovel with you, to use for the digging.

It will mostly find small items, but if you are very lucky you may uncover a new iron vein!!!

If you have ideas for what the schnauzer may find, feel free to share. Maybe we’ll incorporate them :smile:


@Christoffer wow! im impressed. thanks for implementing it. also the iron vein part is a smart move :wink: i like it. cheers!


One iron, gold, bowls, plates, worms, old boots.

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I wish i get saplings/seeds of otherwise-nonplantable trees and vegetation, like rubber tree, banana, etc.


Treasure hunting expedition:


Oh wow! Thats amazing!

I like this ability very much. I, after a month, realised that I can remove blueberry! Cheers!!

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