New players are actually fun

Lots of people are complaining that new players are strefull as they are helpless. But actually I decided to have fun with them. I can make stew, I can forge and build stone walls. But this time me and my family found lots of wild berry bushes and I decided to have fun with my family and waste some time.

We threw a catwalk, I made myself a seal cloth and threw a fashion show with my mother. I made her another dress from seal and gave it to my mum. But I said ■■■■■ HOW DARE YOU HAVE THE SAME DRESS AS ME! You’re my daughter, she said. Sorry, I said to my mother, because I yelled at you. Don’t worry, I love you she told me.

Then we had a white sister. You’re adopted, I told her. My little sister said we should eat her as we were running low on food.

When I had another baby, my other daughter grabbed a flat rock and wanted to crack her head with it.

When I had my first baby I named her BabyJesus. I didnt furnicate with no man so it must’ve been a child from God.

We gathered around for a family photo and I said we’re a family of idiots. They all laughed. What a great time to spend with family.

New players are the best for being silly and do absolutely nothing productive. I will never forget the banter we had :’(


Sounds like fun times. Thanks for sharing!


Lol. Family photo was a great idea!


I’d be cool if we Could craft musical instruments and from bands with the other players. Once a city reaches maximum tech and hits a dead end, we’d have time to make concerts and bars. Music is a big part in any culture.

If a player doesn’t want to hear the instrumengs you can have to option to mute it or run away from it.