New Update to v1.9.0 is out now! What's new?

Hi folks,

It has been a while since we made a large update our game. But it is coming. I will highlight the changes in the coming v1.9.0 version below.

  1. Data version upgrades to 194.
    a. There are A LOT of new objects. The radio transmitter/receiver is currently the highest technology in game. Crafting of those involves a lot of objects and steps, including copper and glass. The civilization of your city can enter an age of electricity now!
    b. There is also snow related contents added, including snowman and snowballs. Snowball can be thrown at other players to have a fun snowball fight. But be careful to not throw too much!
    c. There are 4 new characters added!
    d. Worth to mention: Jason’s objects to trigger the new apocalypse is also added but disabled. Apocalypse won’t happen and there is not root resource to craft related items. No worry for whoever may have been concerned.

  2. The new curse system starts to work from this version. We had to implement the new system in steps and in this update the curses are global now. This means your curse tokens and scores are carried over all servers. If you grief you will have to bear its results no matter where you are.
    Other aspects of the new system:
    i. Getting 4 curses in less than two hours will be punished.
    ii. After you come back from Donkey Town, even fewer curses are allowed before you get a new punishment.
    iii. If you go to Donkey Town often, your punishment will increase in severity.
    We will add some more features to the system in the next update too, so this is not the final version.

  3. UI graphics updates. More UI-graphics get a new facelift in this version.

  4. One gesture change: Swipe up on stack of objects will pick them up if you are barehanded, just like on containers.

As usual, we appreciate your playing of the game and being nice to your fellow players.


OHOL for Mobile team





  1. データバージョンが194にアップグレード。
    a. たくさんの新しいアイテムが追加。現在ゲームで一番注目されている技術が無線送信・受信機です。その作成には銅とガラスを含むたくさんのアイテムとステップが必要になります。文明は今、電気の時代に突入!
    b. 雪だるまや雪のボールなど、雪に関するコンテンツを追加。雪のボールは投げることができ、雪合戦を楽しまめす。でも投げ過ぎには注意して!
    c. 4つの新しいキャラクターを追加!
    d. お伝えすべきこと:ジェイソンの作った新しいアポカリプスを引き起こすアイテムも追加されていますが、作動しないようになっています。アポカリプスは発生しませんし、それに関連するアイテムを作る資源もありません。気にされていた方、心配はいりません。

  2. 新しい呪いシステムがこのバージョンからスタートします。この新しいシステムには段階的な実装を要し、今回のアップデートでは呪いがグローバルになります。つまり、呪いの権利と受けた呪いは全てのサーバーに適用されます。一度荒らし行為を行えばどこにいてもその報いを受けることになるということです。
    i. 二時間以内に4つの呪いを受けると罰せられます。
    ii. ドンキータウンから戻って来た時は、さらに少ない呪いで再度罰せられます。
    iii. 頻繁にドンキータウンに行く人の罰はさらに重くなります。

  3. ユーザーインターフェースのアップデート。このバージョンでさらにUIグラフィックの改装があります。

  4. ジェスチャーの変更一点:リュックやカゴを持ち上げるのと同じように、積み重ねたアイテムに上へのスワイプすることで、何も持っていない状態でもそのアイテムを持ち上げることができます。



OHOL for Mobile チーム


I’m so excited!

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XD new update! Can’t wait!!

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When it will be relased ?

Already is just update

when will all the servers be updated? currently for me only us-1 and europe are available. singapore and us-beginner are still on the old version

also, will all servers be wiped after getting updated?

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All servers are updated over 24-48 hours. This is to give people time to upgrade their devices.

No, they will not be wiped.

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I know but when will be released that update.


I understand that the server has been updated and i should update my apps

But the problem is, the version is not released in my app store yet.

My phone is meizu m5 note.