New update v1.7.0. What's new

Hi folks,

A new update with binary version 1.7.0 and data version 176 is coming now. There are a lot of stuff in it. Here is a brief list.

  1. Data version upgrades to 176. The jungle biome is added in this version. You will find rubber trees, banana trees and other new vegetation in it. There is also new danger coming along which is mosquito. They may give yellow fever to you and make your character die faster. Turkey is added in this version which is a good food source. A steam water pump is also added and makes the technology of OHOL move further.

  2. The family tie IAP is released in this version. This IAP unlocks the observer mode and gives you full access to family chronicle board.

    Family chronicle board let you write your life story directly in the game and attach them to your family tree. Your family members can view and add to your story with what they have to say. Members in the family can give likes to other’s post. It provides an integrated experience.

  3. Bug fixes including:
    a. Tipped horse cart could not be dropped
    b. Riding on tipped horse cart positioned player wrong
    c. Crappy baby sound might incorrectly play
    d. Some players might not be visible and started popping out initially
    e. And more.


Title: 新しいアップデート、バージョン1.7.0とは



  1. データバージョンが176にアップグレードされました。このバージョンではジャングルのバイオームが追加されています。そこにゴムの木、バナナの木などの新しい植物も登場します。またそれと共に、蚊が襲う新たな危険も追加されました。蚊は黄熱をもたらし、あなたのキャラクターをより早く死に追いやるでしょう。他に新しい嬉しい食料として七面鳥も。スチームウォーターポンプも追加され、OHOLの技術がさらに進化しています。

  2. アプリ内課金「家族の絆」が、このバージョンにてリリースされます。 この課金によりオブザーバーモード、家族掲示板「一家年代記」へのアクセスが可能になります。

    家族掲示板では、あなたのライフストーリーを直接家系図でシェアすることができます。 あなたの家族はそれらに自分の話を追加することができ、他の人の投稿にいいねを送れます。 この機能により、さらに家族間の繋がりを感じられることと思います。

  3. 以下バグの修正
    a. 倒れた馬力車を立て直すことができなくなった点
    b. 倒れた馬力車のプレイヤー位置に問題が起きた点
    c. 赤ちゃんの音声が正しく再生されなかった点
    d. 一部のプレイヤーが見えなくなったり、急に現れたりする点
    e. その他






Thank you for a wonderful update. I am having a lot of fun.

By the way, is it that you intended that a living thing is in a biome that should not exist?

Plants are also growing in places different from the original biome.

Sorry for the confusion. This is not intended but rather a side effect of we inherit some objects in upgrading server. Unlike objects most biomes are not stored on disk but automatically generated when server is running. There is a new biome added in this release so biome occurrences mismatch the objects left in their old positions. If you explore an uncharted area this will not happen.


I understood that.
Thank you very much.

Sooooo… this is going to stay this way?

New eves spawn in an expanding spiral, so players will stop seeing these areas. At server restarts, parts of the map that no-one has seen for several days are cleaned up, so these inconsistencies will disappear soon.


I wanna spawn back this sucks. I quit dont want to start over again and again and again…

I get your explanation means an object what was generated before the update, might be in the unexpected biome. If so, why have mosquito occurred in a non tundra biome?

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@Jincheng when are emotions coming??? :sob:

I’m afraid it will be a bit longer to wait. One of the reason is technical difficulty. It does not fit how things are working today. We need some more efforts to support it.


Is the snowball update coming soon?

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So which objects are effected by the parts of the server being cleaned up? It’s very useful to know the direction eves spawn. I would like to know if the position of future players will effect where the next eve spawns. Like if one person runs off in the distance far away from the work of other players, does this screw over the people who worked in the end when they lose their eve spawns? I often find myself spawning on the edge of where someone last walked/seen.


So which objects are effected by the parts of the server being cleaned up?

I’d like to know the answer to this question as well…