New update, version 2.9.1 / アップデート、バージョン2.9.1

The first update of the year is on its way. It’s mostly bug fixes this time, so we are calling it 2.9.1 instead of 2.10.0.

We are also changing the logic for selecting mothers (I have described the change here: Which Mother Gets the Baby? / 誰が母親になるの?), which will take care of the childless situation some of you have experienced.

The servers have already been updated (this is possible since the content version isn’t changing). There will be a new app version too, as soon as the reviews are done.

2.10.0 will follow at the end of the month, and will include some new content that I am sure will be well received :smile:



母親決定のロジックも今回変更され (詳しくはこちらをご参照ください: Which Mother Gets the Baby? / 誰が母親になるの?)、報告されている子どもの生まれない状況の改善を目指しています。

サーバーはすでにアップデートされています (コンテンツのバージョンは変化しませんでしたので、それが可能でした) 。審査が終わり次第、アプリのバージョンアップも配信される予定です。

2.10.0は今月末リリース予定で、皆さんに喜んでいただける新しいコンテンツをお届けしたいと思っています :smile:


Thank you for fixing the bug. We look forward to the update later this month. cheer up.


What a nightmarish update! My home is gone.
What a prosperous town it used to be!

@Annie What happened to your home and which server is this?

An advanced city disappeared, where there used to be large farms, lots of clothes and food, lots of carriages, and lots of beautiful buildings. I spent hundreds of hours working on it, and sadly, it no longer exists.

Singapore server

Hi Annie,

When was the last time you visited that part of the world map before now? The servers are set to refresh/clean up parts of the map which haven’t been visited by any player for more than 7 days. The cleanup happens every time the servers are restarted. This is not new to this update, but has been so since the game was launched. Is it possible that this is what happened?

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The funny thing is, three days ago I was building a zoo here, and now it’s also gone.Sadly :哭泣:

Oh no! @Annie Sorry that happened to you :disappointed_relieved:, must be very heartbreaking.

So you were in that spot three days ago but it still got wiped out ?

Yes. Maybe there are some bugs.

@Annie Is everything gone or are there some stuff left like items or buildings?

No, some items are still there.

Are you sure about it being three days only?
That is not supposed to happen, so in that case, we must do some digging into the old data. I’d appreciate any details you can supply. Thanks!


@Christoffer This city is as big as about 200*200 square,,and there are high stone walls all around. I play here everyday. Now, the stone walls to the south are all gone. That’s probably understandable, because I don’t go south much. However, the disappearance of the zoo is unreasonable, because it is near the center of the city and it is a new building. I pass it every day. I want to know how to tell if there are residents in a place and how big the area is. If the area is small, could you consider expanding the area in the next update? I think it is necessary for a very large city.