Nothing to fight with

Hi. I was playing One Hour One Life, but got banned, so I switched to YAH.

At first I was happy, because we had hard times in OHOL, due to the updates that bringed restrictions and our lives was miserable.

But as I played and played in YAH, I’ve spotted players are often bored and goes afk, especially in bigger towns. There are no challenges, ppl don’t grief, and if they do we cannot fight them, cause we can’t kill on server.

This leads to a pointless lifes, generation lasts to 20. We could go back to locations, so we can take care of towns, but it’s not fun to live in ghost town (where kids go afk).

So I decided to abandon YAH for good, I’m looking for something else in multiplayer game, I’m excited about new leader update in OHOL, I wanna some more social interactions, co-op, structures, challenges, that sounds good and from what I’ve read seems to work.

So I got two questions

  1. What’s the future of YAH in developers minds, is it gonna stay no-kill server (for english speakers), any thoughts what can be added to YAH to be more challengeable? I also occassionally played on Japanese server and haven’t seen any killings.

  2. Can my account be deleted or banned?


the 2 no-kids servers are meant for player who want to build stuff. therefor the spawn location is easier, you wont have kids and you can’t kill players on them.

there are other servers for english speakers like the us-servers and the eu-server. on them you should be able to kill players.

you can’t be permanent banned from the game. but you can get send to donkey town.

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Can my account get deleted from forum?

yes it can be deleted. why are you asking?

Banned like in donkey town? You can just play an hour there then you go back to normal and omg the leader update at first was so terrible with leaders exiling then mass killing, butttt Jason made some new update where you inherit the leadership according to your gene score, and idk I saw no griefing so far since the update, which is great and no bobo fans which is more great lol. You can talk to the admins in the DC server they may help you with the ban thing! I have never heard about an account being permentaly banned in OHOL idk

I agree with something though, YAH is way easier tbh, and idk the recent updates in OHOL is making it more difficult but yeah no anti griefer system in OHOL so yeah, which is sad.

Im quitting game definitely, so please delete my forum account.

You can roleplay ‘fight’, I mean make religion notes (Pan vs Bengay :)) or lock ppl in a room (I saw that drama in Oddity town, until we get rid of locked doors).

Not enough ppl on no-killing server tho.

I agree, the expirment thing was so lame and I really hope people banished, nobody did and she kept doing it again and again, in normal server if you like take a crown the whole city joins to kill you which is crazy lmao, in ohol ppl basically give the crown away or to the leader unless some evil person is doing an apo! Also, Jason made the railways nicer they don’t crash anymore now nearly all towns have it even when they aren’t devolped enough it’s great! And the kerosene Cars now lasts for a whole hour which is great too ((: I expect nicer updates in the future for the first time I’m really looking forward to next Friday

Really, cars can be used for so long now? Looks like good things started to happen after I quit playing OHOL haha. Thx for info.

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Well YAH can be something else than OHOL, no fighting against smth, but more nice n fluffy stuff to do xD, I was dyer in my last lives and it was interesting, also I’m figuring out the food recipes.

I would however improve 2 things, first give rubber tire cart to horses and allow to stock more things into piles. And how about smashing empty bear caves for stones with pick axe?

Also I don’t see new tech, like there are in 2HOL (huge furnace, mill), why?

Ik engine won’t allow for some things, but how about lakes, boats and fishing, just use boat (that has fishing net) like horse and click on some spot in the lake so the boat will fill with the fishes (or some treasures :D). Or maybe rivers so we would need to build bridges first.

Or marriage? There can be icon to marry someone (like curse icon) so the boys will keep family line alive for many generations, we’re coming back to towns but kept dying.

And for fighting with something how about diseases, nobody is doc/herbalist, how about getting malaria from skeeters that can be cured and same with fever/flu from temperature?

Or allow the person who fed a dog / tamed horse to give this animal a name? :wink:

Anyway that’s my wishes. Tell me guys do you have similar? Can we nicely ask for these things to have them, instead of being bobo the murderer to force changes in the game? :wink:


Check this out: