Okay, so I may have caused a bit of a Pan cult

My name was April smalls, I had four children: Saly (didn’t name her), Unity, Church, and Druid. I created a Pan cult, abolishing the old religion and bringing a period of enlightenment upon the town. I married a couple, blessed a few children, and supported Pan. I then appointed my dear child Saly high priestess, and told her to continue my work. I then locked myself in a useless room with the key inside with me since some creep was trapping kids in there. And that sums up my life! Praise Pan!


Hi mom. It’s Unity. :kissing_heart:
I made my baby the new priestess and helped ban the creep.
Long live Pan.


Hi! I’m so proud, dear! Long live Pan! :sparkles:


First there was the worship of Bengay, then someone rewrote the notes to worship Pan, then the Bengay worshipper switched them to say Bengay again a few days later, then a Pan disciple rewrote the notes, finally someone erased the notes and destroyed the temple.


Today someone made a shrine for Bengay again and wrote a note saying ‘This is the Bengay Shrine. Do not destroy.’