Old Town

I spawned in the wilderness with my mom and two brothers. I went to find reeds to make a basket to start a garden. There was a marker in our camp, so I took it for granted that the direction I was going was back home. After traveling for a while I figured my marker wasn’t for our little camp. But my curiosity was aroused so I journeyed on. What I found was an amazing town without a single person, and my marker was there. So being a boy, I started to try and clean up the place and make it nice for future wanderers. After a while three boys showed up, the one agreed to help me make the town better. The one who agreed came running to me later saying a bear attacked and killed his brother. He was helping me find the arrows for the bow and the bear got him too. I asked the third boy to help find or make one more arrow, since bears need to be shot three times. I ended up shooting bear with my second arrow then running to make third arrow. When I got back the boy who was left had loaded a horse and wagon with stuff and took off. I killed the bear with my third arrow. Then I realized that all the sheep in the pen were dead. The cows and geese were running loose… It made me wonder if that third boy had brought the bear that killed his brothers just to steal stuff from the town… So I still tried to clean up a bit but was already almost 60 so wasn’t able to get the animals back in the pen. Sorry to the future wanderers. I tried to make it better but guess it wasn’t enough.