On the problem that blueberries can't be pulled out

Blueberries grow so much Still can’t unplug. It bothers me that I have black terrain at home. I believe many people have this problem
​Blueberries are keeping me from building on this terrain
​I hope I can get your reply, thank you.

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Hey, This picture is so vague,I hope you can see it clearly.

Hmmm, good idea. Though blueberries are designed to be not plantable and i like it that way. Maybe there should appear a hole when you dig out a bush, so you can replant it in that spot but not plant it somewhere else, and the hole you can just fill up. I also wonder, how did you make that picture on the right? It seems pretty usefull.

This is the software made by a player in China.

I don’t know if you can log in?

I would like to use it but first i need to know if its available in English because i don’t speak Chinese.

I think language is not important.Because it doesn’t use text almost.

But you can not find it in the app store.We download through Chinese netdisc.

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This can be logged in via a browser,http://zonest.cn/z/


Wow this is really well made!

I understand. This is the case with several other permanent nature objects too, like sand pits, ponds etc. The tricky thing is that if we add possibility to remove them, it would become easy for griefers to destroy natural resources.
Does anyone have a good idea to avoid griefing, but still allow moving these resources?

What if the way to move them includes they must be put down within so many squares of the original? And the person moving them must put them down or can’t do nothing else until they do. So for example the pond:

Can only be moved if empty
Needs several steps plus shovel to move:

Steps could include having a road in the 1st and 2nd space to move it to the 3rd space.
Use of a shovel 3 times on the pond
Then person can move pond only on the road no more then to the third spot.

After putting down it is fully intact and steps to move need repeated again to move it again.

It would make moving it difficult and noticeable


How about when things such as berry bushes,raspberrys, and blueberrys get dug up you only expose the roots and its un pick upable. After a set amount of time they “reroot” and the only way to move them is with a wheelbarrow. Using the wheelbarrow with the bush in it on a trash pit would replant it.

But domesticated bushes would be removable like normal.

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Add a way to create natural resources?or something that substitutes for natural resources

Hi, I am also in favor of the ability to remove blueberry, and maybe cactus. I am not able to visualise any serious problem griefer can cause by removing these. It’s just like gooseberry…
I want build roads as straight as possible…