Operation Jane Doe

With the game being released yesterday. I decided to do a social experiment with the new players to guage reactions. When I was wondering as an Eve looking for villages. Then a baby came and an idea poped into my head. Lets just run in one direction until the next baby comes along. Then drop the newly grown baby in the closet green biome. Then I take the new baby and start running agian. After I reached age old age I quit and checked my family line to see who was able to survive. I think this gives us a pretty good idea of how many new players were on.

Family: https://onehouronelife.app.link/ab7z47A7qP

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A desperate abandoned kid…


oh no… HAHAHA this is hilarious though, their shock must have been funny. ok i feel kind of bad tho HAHA

I went at it again here are some pics.