Our family is occupied by strangers

My friends and I are Chinese people living in JP1, and we have always been humble, pretending to be Americans to communicate with Japanese people or asking them to bury us.
We have always treated the Japanese with courtesy, and we have never forcibly demanded or caused any damage. But on April 7th, our iron was stolen, and after that, we banish those thieves.
But just yesterday, we had a Japanese born at home, and the tragedy began. He destroyed our building before my friend died, discarded her bones after her death, repaired the demolished building, and established the Lily Home logo in our home. And while he was destroying, my friend could only watch it all happen, while I kept asking others over and over again to bury me.
We declare once again that we have never committed any acts against the Japanese, and they do not even know if we are Chinese. Therefore, I condemn their barbarism, ferocity, and ruthlessness here. They are so fierce and domineering that we don’t want to go back to our homes to face all of this.
It was only this morning that one of our friends became the child of these occupiers, and the appearance of our home was revealed to us again. We are deeply saddened and deeply saddened.


I’m the author’s friend,what I wrote below was also sent on Twitter.
I’m a Chinese player,whose home was aggressed by some bad Japanese.The reason why my friend and I played the JP server was that we both thought Japanese players were all friendly and more kind when they saw new players,which was what we couldn’t see in other servers especially CN1.We had never caused trouble in Japanese servers,and when we needed help,we would bowed to Japanese players to thank them.

To prove we truly built this buildings,we posted few pictures of how we built she below.(you can see the pictures on Twitter)We knew that there are also kind Japanese players and not all Chinese players are friendly,but what happened to my friend and I was just too heartbroken.



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But we never destroyed Japanese homes,and we also knew there are also bad Chinese who we hate too.I think you are a kind person because you reply us,and I really thank you for your listening.But we must admit what happend to us was a tragedy and some Japanese did bad things,right?Could you please give we sad players some undersanding?
Sorry for speaking English,I’m just starting learning Japanese.

If you want to say these things, then I ask you, if one day you get tired of the server you’re on, tired of those boring toasts and the inheritance of a place to live, and want to build a great building alone with your own hands. You learned English well and went to the beauty salon alone. You never did anything wrong, but later all your efforts were ruined by the birth of a child. I asked you, what do you think,what do you want to say?

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We just destroyed our home,she’s already gone.Don’t try to say it is YOUR HOME,and I also noticed some Japanese erased my notes left before.
Good luck.I’m friendly enough.

Just now we demolished our home.
you rob,we destroy