Over protective smither

Sometimes smither can be protective of their stuff. Which is kinda understandable because some people might smith something not very useful like making adze or chisel when we already have one. Or making knives for grieving.

But sometimes we will meet a smither that just very protective to their stuff. I met this kind of person twice and i believe there’s many more.

My first experience is an old lady in new developed village. I was about to do smithing when she come and grab the round rock that I’m about to pick up. I know that she’s going to smith too, so i told her “first we need hoe (because the farmers really need it) and then shovel (because we running out of water).” just to make sure that we are in the same chapter here. and she answered “i know. I’m not stupid.”. I don’t know why she’s getting offended but I’m trying to ignore that and told her “i’ll help you.” and she said “no”. Then, i die next to the klin because i forgot about my food bar while I’m typing.

I go offline for couple minutes then i came back and go to observation mode to check how things going. She managed to make a hammer but she still have to make hoe and shovel. The old lady continued her smithing but a boy came to her offering his help (like i do) . She refused the help (like she did to me) but the boy insisted to help. So, the boy grab her hammer and running.

“give it back!” she said, but the boy keeps running and she chasing him around. And then she died because either she was too old or she starves to death. Well, she should have realized that people also want the best for their village. also smithing is a lot better if we have assistant to help. Trust me, i know how better it feels to smith with someone else.

My second experience is, there’s a mother, same age as i am. And she’s about to smith. I don’t feel like smithing that day and there’s a lot of baby to fed. So i decided to babysitting next to the smithing area (because usually there’s fire near klin). There’s this boy that running around in smithing area a couple of times. He’s probably trying to eat berries. The smither get annoyed and shout “please get out of smithing area!”
. I mean, next to the smithing area is berry farm, everyone will always running around pass the smithing area, it just can’t be avoided. Besides, there’s only one boy who at the time standing there. The boy get offended and said “f*ck you” and leave the smithing area. Next is she grab a bow and arrow and shoot the boy. WTH!

Everyone just shocked with what happened. She said “he needs to learned. He’s not allowed to say bad words.”. Everyone just can’t say anything, including me. We don’t curse her because she got point. Bad mouthing is not acceptable. She continues her smithing and I’m not really in the mood to help her, not after with what happened.

People running pass smithing area is pretty common, guys. You can’t get mad over this. Telling people to leave smithing area is just rude. Besides, we still can smith without a problem even if there’s a lot of people pass by as long as nobody steal our stuff.

My tips is, if you want to smith but there’s already someone else there first, you should place yourself as their assistant. That way, they will allowed you to help her. Also, don’t force yourself if they don’t want to be helped. It wasting your time to argue with them. But you still have to spy on her in case she’s a potential griever.

Smither assistant jobs is basically the same as the smither, except you don’t use hammer to craft the tool. Only the smither who decide what they want to make. Help them with turn on the klin, makes coal, put the iron wrought in to the bowl, hit the hot iron ore to make iron wrought, or heat up iron ore, and if you want, you can take food and place it near smithing area or even fed her.


its always great to smith together. you are so much faster and have quick results. instead of 3 flat rocks i once tried 6 flat rocks. it was pretty usefull. its fun to team up and both know where to go and what to do.


Multiple smithers are more effective than just one.


Yah my recomindation if you are a fast smither in a relatively new camp is to get one of the young children to hit the iron and stack it so that you can get to actuall smithing much quicker. Usually you can only get about 6 or 7 wrought iron done if your extreamly quick and using a backpack. But with an asistant or two you can do several piles in one fireing. And then they can go on their own ways after that.

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You are correct. Usually I only get to hit 6 steels at 1 time. With 2 people , the speed will be doubled and tripled. I also recommend making diesel engine together . It takes 1 or 2 times to make 10 pistons if there is 2 people . Hmmm, I recommend people who know the surroundings to Smith. For example, there is only 1 steel left and other than the pixel you have everything else to dig the steel pit , so why not make a pixel ? Don’t make a showel or axe …

Smithing is a time sensitive task, and is very meticulous job. There is nothing that annoying me more than a woman taking care of babys on my fire. The probelm is not the nursery act, the problem is when they stand still on top of my stuff. Some people don’t understand that situation, and you have to scream “Pelase Muve”. Trust me on this one, is really frustrating when you are ready to do something, and there is someone standing on top of your smithing hammer … :exploding_head:

Having a second hand is always good. If the second hand knows what to do and is well organized. I have had great assistance, as I have been one too. But some times the person that want to help me, make my life miserable after.

I have kill during Smith, but not someone that was been annoying. I kill a killer. Even that doesn’t mean that i don’t wanna kill almost everything that stands in the middle of my working station…

This are just facts…

Post Data: A player that kill my fire 2 times to make egg, even after I warned him the first time that he did it: That person have his minutes counted…


I was part of the family where the woman shot the boy. In fact, she was my daughter! She was a suicide baby, then was reborn and decided to stay. Wasn’t happy about being part of the town, and just a generally unpleasant player to be around. The kid didn’t even fully curse at her, he just said, “fu” and ran. Hypocritically, she cussed me out later for cooking eggs on the fire I made. I had never successfully made an omelet before, and was so excited. She wanted that fire more than me, apparently. Really soured my game that day.