With the new influx of people me, misty, foxy, and maybe some others were trying to feed a town of a population peaking at what seemed like 30 at some point, I am sorry if you were one of the people I tried to teach but ended up making food instead. But you are only alive because of me. I am going to sleep so I’m sorry but now that town may die if people stop watering things and making soil.m
Whoever put in so much work to make that great town, forgive the newcomers, they killed your sheep and lost the horses.

Haha also people that barely know how to make berries are driving cars.


Hihihi sound like a wild adventure in a big city. Thanks so much you did take care of a whole town! Yeah it’s so hard to teach, when there are so many new players. I hope the village will come back to it’s glory.

Do you think there needs to be a max of players in one area?


No I had a blast infact the more people talking to eachother the greater it all seems, I just wish that everyone was working on something instead of begging for someone to walk them 3 tiles to the right for food.


Yeah that is believable, the town was massive and I just saw like 30 all clumped at the farms being a swarm of locusts.


Yeah, things are completely out of control in the beginner server. There were some new players eating all the berries on the berry bushes. I tried to tell them not to always eat the berries, but they ignored me due to the chaos. :slightly_frowning_face:


Just imagine a town of 40 people and they all make a surplus of food to feed themselves and their own children.


Yeah I even occasionally showed up and just started exclaiming things like “MASSIVE BUILDINGS TO THE EAST” but none of them cared.