I was born in a small village with a hardworking and loving mother with her amazing pies, kind and diligent big bro–Liam, that never seems to get tired, and an afk aunt who does nothing but we have no other choice because she and my mother is the only girls. I think I also seen some of my cousins but I never saw them again after I grew up. Probably because I spend my time outside of the village. I shouldn’t do that since I was a girl. But with my diligent big bro and hardworking mother, there’s nothing left for me to do. So I decided to go out to find ore.

At 5 (I think) I went west, very far, for years, and found nothing. I decided to go home and go east instead. Not so far from village I found open mine. Weird, my village doesn’t have the tools to open a mine, but this one is open. All I need is pickaxe and basket. So I went home and pick a pickaxe and a basket. It would be easier if we have a horse, but we don’t even have sheep yet. By the time I’m ready to mine, I’m an adult. Luckily my baby is born a bit later.

I managed to collect iron 2 full of basket before the mine finally collapse. I was ready to go home but POP! A baby girl born. I name her “Venus”.

I decided to go home and raise her there. I’m afraid that if something worse happened, my baby will be all alone not knowing home.

My aunt, giving birth to a boy right in front of me. So now I’m breastfeeding two baby. After my own daughter reach three and her cousin is still a baby, I asked my brother Liam to help me. When we go to the mine, I pop another baby, talking about bad time. My brother is very understanding, I love him, so we didn’t stop and we both carry a baby each and reach the destination. I guide the two baby home while my brother pick everything else.

We decided to make sheep pen. I think it was my niece or maybe my own daughter Venus who choose the place for the sheeps. Her blueprint for the sheep pen was very big even though we don’t have the tools yet. Looking at her blueprints, I know that we need lots of rope. So I decided to go outside the village to fine some rope.

During this time, I found PARADISE. it was huge, it was modern, it was beautiful. And it’s solved the mystery of the open mine I discovered earlier. It was this paradise. That mine was belong to this paradise.

Judging by the design. This must’ve been work of a professional. Because it’s so organized. It’s probably works of one person or a team. I don’t know. What I know is, no one is there.

They have steam engine, an oil pump, mango, a tile, a bridge! They have everything, well, except eatable food. I almost starved there.

And most importantly, it’s closer to home. We only need to go north for a bit and we’re there.

I quickly go home and tell my kids. My mom probably die, my brother I don’t know. I already very old at this point.

I told them the paradise and they asked if they should move there. I told them “no”. Because I’m old and probably don’t have enough time to guide all of them safely there. But my son, He said he wants to visit since he can’t have a baby. So I guide him there.

When we arrive, he jumped and said “Horray”. I said my goodbye to him and die in that paradise.