Paranoid eve cause her to run away

I’m become more paranoid because my last experience. I was the daughter of a lady. I was her only daughter. I thought my mother is eve because we don’t have anything in our home. but no, she’s not eve and she even comes from generation 7. But I didn’t know at that time because I can’t see the family tree yet. Anyway, I have daughter and she turn 3. I’m busying myself making farm while she running away doing something, my mom is hunting some rabbit. Later I know she going to make a bow and arrow but I wasn’t sure if she going to use it for grieving or killing the boar. When she finally became adult she take the bow and kill my mom. We both cursing her, my other daughter is still a baby so she can’t curse her. I told my second daughter “if you grow up, curse her”. But when she grow up, she didn’t curse her and starve to death instead. I guess she was a noob.

My entire life is haunt by her, thinking that she’s going to kill me, so I hide and raise my other children. I told my children “when you grow up, curse her” but non of them are cursing her. Instead they starve to death or killed by my daughter.

So I got enough and makes my own bow. Hiding behind a tree near the berries farm. I was 40 my food bars running low but I didn’t care. there’s no use eating because I can’t have another baby. So I hid and told myself to be patient. Finally, I see her coming with her backpack full of skewer and a thread. She’s planning to make another arrow because the one she used to kill my mother and daughter I’m hiding it. When finally she get closer to the berries farm, I shoot her. She didn’t know I was there at all. I jumped out and said “hah!” and die of starving, exactly as my plan. When I died I finally can see the family tree and realized my mother wasn’t eve.

Now, a few minutes ago, I’m becoming eve I named myself and named my son. I raised him and do my job. We don’t have anything, so I collect adobe and he go to somewhere else. Later he brings home a clay but took my adobe away. Why he took the adobe? I need them. I searched the place but couldn’t find him. I raised my daughter and she turned 3 and raised another child when finally he’s back with bow and arrow. He took my adobe and come back with weapon? I remember my last experience and became paranoid and run away. I drop my baby and just run to west. Even when mosquitoes bite me I still running west. Keep running until I found new grassland (not better from the last one). I make a new home there. When my baby pops out I didn’t feed them, afraid that they would be my son. Until I die old, I didn’t have any kids.

Edit: I lost my eve spawned


Scarred for life!


I swear, man. There’s more than one griever in Singapore server and they keep escape from curse somehow.

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You did well at hunting the hunter.
We always will have griver, there is not any way around it. Next time get prepared before anithing happens.