Peace lilies

Hey guys… so a bunch of people started using peach lilies in my village and are messing it up is there a way to get rid of the responding there?

T! Idk, i think sadly you can’t do much. Try to write them a message or talk to them if you meet… But their lily works the same, no matter if you were there first :confused:

Might have been the work of this genius:

Maybe we can talk about why it’s not cool to just place lillies in other towns. I think especially new players don’t think about it that much, and will place a lily anywhere they like. The bell is actually just there so the families of a lily-eve don’t have to place homemarkers every time. That the rest of the server sees it as well is a side effect, but some people see it as an invitation to move there and take over.


Tbh it’s so annoying because I spent so much of my personal time in the game building that town just for it to be destroyed! I don’t even wanna have kids in my new town anymore…


I know your place, i loved it so much and was wondering what happened :’( Idk if ur on discord, but Kitty recently dug out this link: According to the video, it should pay off to banish as many times as possible.

Seing what happened to X or recently in booktown though, idk if it works. The eves constantly tell their families to ban the griefer from objects, but it’s the same over and over again. So either it’s someone with multiple accounts, many different griefers united or the banning system doesn’t work as planned.


You seem so nice hope u visit my new town as well lol :))

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I hope so too :heart: ur still on us-2?

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Aww and yes I was on earlier playing as Eve made it to generation six so far☺️


Ew, having a similar issue in my town at the moment. There are some visitors, which is fine. And some started their own projects, which is great to see. But sometimes when I come back I spend hours cleaning up, catching geese, replacing tools etc., so I put up a huge sign “pls no new babies”.
And the other day I met the person, who turns out being my culprit. She spawns, releases all geese, and plays reproduction factory her whole life. I politely asked her to eat a carrot seed and stop brining babies into the town, stating I’m the founder and showing her the sign literally saying I founded the town. Her reply… “I come to this town often and I decide babies stay”. This is not fun at all, knowing especially about the griefers roaming around at the time and me having the clean up everything once everyone is dead :confused: and disrespectful on top of that, too. I watched her for a life, and all she does is burning resources but not contributing anything at all to the town at any point. Oh yeah, and out of spite she destroyed the sign that says I founded the town :’)


So sorry to hear that. I do not know why people think ruining things is “fun” at all.

It is really too bad that there cannot be some way to disconnect someone from their peace Lily, if they are destroying things. :confounded:


Only thing you can really do is build a fence around your home and lock it with a door and key


You can also make small rooms with locks around important things like tools and food and animals if needed( also put some shorn sheep away from town so they can’t kill them all). It sounds mean but sometimes it’s just whatcha gotta do.


I swear one played with this person
I can tell by the way they talk. Entitled. They come to my town and try to tell me how the game works. Like c’mon, I’ve been playing two years I think I understand already.

They wanted to ban me for letting a baby merc itself, or for not chasing after one of those crazy babies. Im not chasing any babies. If a baby is running around I’m going to assume it’s a griefer and let it fit.

I want new players to come to the game and love it, but there is so much meanness and bad behavior, like this person.


Someone banned YOU for having runner bbs?
I remember when i first started playing and it felt so horrible to let babies die, i always thought they were confused and needed help lol.
But if they played long enough to know how to ban and argue about their immense knowledge, they’re not new but stubborn.

And yeah, that’s the most frustrating thing about players like this. They went out of these situations still convinced that their behaviour was exemplary. “People move into each others towns all the time it’s no biggie”. Like, did you not realize that even in this small family 3 of those people disaggree with that?

Maybe we need a poll to give them a reality check. Or maybe i need one as well, because lately there have been so many incidents with people placing lillies anywhere they like - It would be really interesting to see what everyone thinks about this. If there’s really a lot of players that prefer a playstyle where everything is up for grabs and nobody can own/lead a city, that could be a new server.

That being said, there is no excuse to immediately ban or threaten to do “more than stealing a horse” when faced with disagreements. To the Darcies of the game, try “oh, i always try to run after and forcefeed bbs, but if you don’t that’s your decision” or “in my place i have no problem with people moving in and taking stuff, but i see why you might disaggree and will ask before i do it the next time” :))

I know I’m definitely too petty for still coming back to this lol but they’re just such a good example of unjustified entitlement.


I know exactly who you are talking about. Ive ran into them several times and they are just the worst; constant backseat gaming, condensing, know it all. They also like to drop a lot of inappropriate statements equivalent to “unalive yourself”. Yeah they suck lol


Yes. They wanted me to chase after the baby and tried to get the test of the village to ban me. Luckily I get along with the other players, with hard, and try to help. So no one else banned me.

I feel like this person is done young edge lord who came over from Reddit or something. Their behavior really reminds me of the average redditor, but also they seem your with his bullheaded they are.