Peace lilies

Ask the Eve or leave your Lilly where it is, period. The Eve can be reborn as your sibling, baby or grandbb, so how old anybody is does not matter. If you’re not sure wether someone is the Eve: They can confirm their identity by posting in the family tree as the family eldest or respawing unrelated (given that they have not previously sneaked a lilly, but let’s not go with the worst case scenario). You can also look out for their specific emotes or ask for passwords. If you get no response or don’t catch the eve in your lifetime, don’t place a lilly. Only exception i can think of is when a town has an open invite - I have seen letters inviting others to place lillies if they want, and when you’ve been there multiple times and no-one has erased those notes, you can definitely go ahead. There can also be invites in this forum or the discord channel. What you were talking about with the griefing Eve is exactly the point we’re trying to make here: It was kinda bad. In this game, some stuff is hard to create, and with many trolls and griefers around, some eves prefer playing alone or at least know who lives with them to protect their homes. But even without griefers, please respect an Eve’s wish to play alone. For me, I liked to have big families from time to time and see what happens, but mostly I wanted to have a little safe space in this game where I can learn new skills, plan structures and tidy up without having to talk or explain everything. Social interactions, staying focused with other players around, and maintaining order can be challenging for some (anxiety, ADHD, OCD, autism…) and we all know the issue of inappropriate behaviour and possible triggers 1 2 3 4 5, so it’s just nice not having to worry about running into idiots like that from time to time. You might be kind and respectful, but your babies’ babies might not… and they might place lillies too. In conclusion: There’s much more to it than being selfish about resources or excluding others when an Eve asks you to leave. Seems like the Eve you met didn’t have the patience to explain that much, and griefing is never cool, but it guess it was her last attempt to say that her “good town with lots of stuff” was not there for others to take. I find it hard to enjoy this game now because something similar happened to me, so that’s probably why I just spent waaay to long to write this, ayoo. You had no bad intentions so I’m just glad you found this thread, hope more people do :blush: :pray:


Yeah, my town was just overrun but eves. And every time I came back new graves and new eves would be there. I could never catch them but I put note around saying at least use the smashed carrot seeds as contraceptives but nah. Now I have like 10 bears (some with arrows) roaming my town. I’ve died 3 times trying to kill them cause they took the bow and arrows. I doubt the first visiting eve did it, was most likely the children… so yeah some have good intentions but others definitely do not. No one should have to join the server to see something they took months on being destroyed. My city couldn’t even make it to its 1 year birthday :smiling_face_with_tear:

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for the bears thing, I’m not sure about this, but you can treat wounds with needle and wool pad, I think the pad is made with water on hot coals and thread ball??? not sure, never tried it only seen it in the book.

It works, but you can’t do it on yourself. But I think @TheHiddenGaia is not asking for advice dealing with bears - It’s super annoying having to pause all the projects and stuff you’re working on to kill some bear that the griefers keep bringing to town. And yeah, constantly getting killed also takes a lot of time. Multiple bears at once can be hard to get rid of even for experienced players, and then your burying cycle gets broken and it’s a whole thing.


So sorry to hear that :frowning: Being born in your own hometown to some random family and unable to stop the chaos is the worst thing. The only advice I got to prevent this is destroying all the lillies around, turning all caves into (unfinished) mines or in extreme cases build walls / moats around the place. But it’s so sad how much time needs to be invested into protecting the basics instead of being able to enjoy the game. The banning system is so weak, it can honestly make you feel so defeated when 1 person has the power to destroy a years work in 10 minutes.

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If that happened about 2 weeks ago then it was probably me. Two towns ago the place got overrun with people, which I didn’t care at that time if everybody was putting peace lilies. But it was getting so messed up that I took a bunch of the resources that I had made and moved far away.

After that I built a giant wall around my town, but then I got the new Zelda game and was gone from my town for too long and most of everything was respond at that point. That was the town Malarkey

Then I started this new town (Smartington of Clever family) from an abandoned settlement and built it up so much and it was so annoying to come back and see people using dyed cloths for backpacks and stuff when it was so hard to get all that stuff dyed, or there’s no food left, or some well-meaning noob made like 50 stacks of carrot pies. Or I come back to the town and entire structures are moved all over the place.

Three different times I had to recatch all of the livestock.

I just want to play by myself, get everything straight, and then sometimes have big family so I can enjoy the town with people. But then people put their lilies there and they’re not careful about the babies they have, then a bunch of griefers get born or inexperienced players who don’t understand the etiquette of playing the game yet. So sometimes you get people who will build a radio over time or sometimes you get people who make a complete mess of everything.

I don’t even have a lily town on the beginner server anymore. I just play all by myself on the 10-hour server. And it sucks, as far as not being able to have families or ppl to build a town together with.

Unfortunately, the ■■■■■■■■ and griefers ruin the good will towards the players who are well-meaning bc people have to become over protective of their towns and cities.


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