Planting trees and rose bushes?

I have seen elsewhere that you can plant trees? Which ones? How? I never see any tree nuts/seeds…

I know that I need a rose thorn for my finishing hook, but never see a rose bush. Is this something that come from another plant, like corn? Rose madder, maybe? How does this work?

Thanks for being willing to help!!

Ol to plant trees u need shears to get it’s seed and for roses u touch the bush u get a hip u break it make it cold in a bowl sworund by snow than plant

Thanks for replying, Jaybird. Follow up questions for clarification:

So I can use sheers on ANY type of tree to get a cutting, correct? And do they plant just like everything else, in deep-tilled rows?

On roses…what bush gives a “hip”? Is there such a thing as a wild rose bush??

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Not any trees but soon all trees cuz of new update and u can find wild roses in turkey land biom the yellow desert

Thank you!

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This is the wild Rose Bush you get one Rose hip from it

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Tipp: Look into this Post:

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@Sorah thank you so much!

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