Please don't cut tree

I don’t even know who cut it anymore

I didn’t write a lot of notes asking you to protect me. I just asked you to put the stuff back where it is, dont cutting the wood. Are those two difficult, or do you want to do it?

But thank you for this… I’ll post after completing the kindergarten and the railroad. Will you come back then?

You and my son were kind, and he said help me when I was angry about the tree being cut. Maybe it’s still better to aim for a village for beginners. There were a lot of people who offered to help and everyone made mistakes to learn. Of course, the grippers, get out of here. Don’t pretend to be Newbie.


The village for beginners was a stupid idea, now you guys clean it up. I’m not taking care of the town anymore. You guys do it. Most of them didn’t think much about it, they just enjoyed it, and if the village was dirty and resourceless, they would leave. You need to think about why the big town is closed. Get rid of your obsession with Raspberry! I don’t need any more fruit! If farming is the only thing to enjoy in this game, what does it mean to be born in a big village?