Project sweet village (utopia)

Hi all,

I want all english pro players, to help me make our Eve utopia.

Every player gets a starting job.

-Eve (be online and dont die)
-Farmer (make a farm thats logical and looks nice)
-hunter (get everyone clothing and runn aniamal farms like sheep)
-smith (take care of all tools and keep the town clean)
-runner (help where needed and make the belltower get iron fix rodes)

There will be no Interference with ur jobs.

Or goal will be making a belltower so we cann all spawn there as eves, or atleast we can always find it back.

Everything we make needs to be logical and sweet. No ugly ■■■■ !

If u want to join send me a privite message.

We will all have baby codes so we know who we are.

If u join us u can send screens of how u would like ur Farm or whatever so we can make the best town ever.

Love u all,

Sweet skywalker (ben)


Hey! I’m up for it let makes a utopian and playing with experienced players . I play with Shannon Morgan and sometimes with Gabby and kapu aka Ranma… but I don’t really post. how to sends private messages ? Mother life is so nice though :slight_smile:

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