Radios on usb2

Are the owners of bell towns in usb2 active on the forum? I have a radio and I want to know if there’s more radios on the server. Im the city with two bells

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There are tons… just that, different people play at different time zones… In my experience in USb2, I came across of allot of family names, that have radios,(and some in the middle of building a receiver) but never had a conversation with another town(maybe because when i play there are 3 to 10 players on the server) This is all i can give you as info… I have the AM radio and receiver, build in the town i call my “home”, but never got a “message back” from it… Big hugs and love to Eve 1.0 for taking me in, when i was learning the basics :heart: But radio frequencies should be, eather explaind or simplified…

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Pinewoods has radios on all frequencies but so far I only got a reply once from Millers


Radio is my next project after I finish building my wall to keep our the riff raff xD