Rainy day farms

Yes are you on discord? We can organise you coming to visit and vice versa! I’d love for you to see the changes at RDF and I’d love to visit your place!

Sry dude(I call boys and girls dude sometimes) I don’t have it. My strict dang parents.

Ah man! I’ll message you on here and we can arrange for you to come visit!

Aight dude sounds cool

So I just saw your town then died. I’m so mad about that WOLF!!

Edit: ok never mind the wolf thing. I actually got back to your city. Now, I’m back.

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I keep missing you! I think we keep playing at different times lol!

Oh I placed peace lily btw

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Nice! Do u spawn inside? I haven’t noticed anyone around x

No I didn’t spawn in it. I traveled for like hours and many lives to get here. It’s in district 3

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