Rainy day farms

Okay so there’s this places called rainy day farms. A really nice town I’m talking over a thousand tiles all fenced in, radio, and possibly railroads. I played on it a few times and really like it but for a while I hit a dry spot not being able to spawn back in but finally I spawned here again. But, the owner is very protective of his stuff which is understandable but he fenced off the entire property with locks and I don’t know where the key is and I’m not sure he’s on the forum so here’s a picture.

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Oh thats a cute wall style. I thought about using the belltowers to make bell tower walls back when the fellowship took over the eu2 server lol. But i never could get it to work since by the time i had built the basic camp one of the roaming griefers would find their way to it. Or i would join back on and someone moved all my blocks before the became set. And the one time i did manage to get most of then set the griefers would come and mess with the walls by randomly adding to it or blocking off the doors.

(Came to realise over the years it was probably one of the members who were the two griefers on there then since the fellowship had info on like all 10 of the big towns, almost every camp built, how long it took to get to the fresh resources etc.)

Anyways the town looks really nice from the door.


So this is my town… I closed it off because of non stop griefers and people who come and eat/steal and don’t help. I built the place by myself and I don’t open up/have children. I just build by myself.
I’ve been having problems with someone spawning inside my walls, using my name and starving their babies… Killing puppies, making a mess and just generally being a bit of an A-hole


Also, I’m a she :slight_smile: