Really , the peace is not peace

First someone killed all the goats . And the aunty help bring now one . I take care of all of them . And then this man came suddenly with a bow and then took the knives and killed all the goats in front of me . Since I have no backpack with knife I can’t kill him. He killed the goats in front of 2 people(me and another boy) . Then , I try to kill him and he go to the baby area with the peace trophy . Then he act stupid and say that I am the one who do it although the another one who seen it supported me. I can’t kill him and can’t curse him cause I have no curse point . Some girl even curse me believing him. He brought food to the baby area so he looks like a good person . I shouldn’t have believe anyone , the moment he enter the pen I already doubt him. And when he begin killing I hope that he was a good player . Really !!! What peace trophy , I won’t Forgive him. I hate liars . If only I can type Japanese fast (I do understand Japanese and usually play in Japanese server but unfortunately since I use alphabet form of Japanese, I still can’t use Japanese form of hiragana and katakana since I am bad in that keyboard, I tend to type wrongly) Griefers will be griefers . Liars will be liars . The peace trophy don’t work because come on, griefers will always take advantage of the best mechanics. Anyway , I hope that baby can curse too when they are killed by a killer (only when that ) cause I saw a mum killed the baby with a bow .
Anyway , it really makes me feel sad for those who were sent to donkey town although they are good people .


Ugh, griefers…