Rebirth marker not working after update?

Did you remove peace lily marker spawning? Found an amazing spot but bc server pop so low i had no kids and im trying to respawn there but it keeps giving me eves instead?

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Did you place a lily?

Which method of respawn did you use? Grave or 60 years old?

Yes placed lilly and got the sound que for it. Do you need to die of old age/be buried for it to work? Ive never had an issue with it till this update always die at t8 or 59 to save food

get buried and live at least 10 years.

How are you supposed to do both when there are no other people to bury you lmao

find out which way the eve spiral goes. go back to the last point and bury yourself. thats what i do.

If you make it back to your place once you can bury your own bones from the last life, then you got a circle of life :slightly_smiling_face:

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