Update 2.14.0: What's New? / バージョン2.14.0とは

Black Clothes 黒い服
Almost 40 new variants of clothes for you to create and combine.

Anti-Griefing 荒らし対策

  • You can now see who made the last change to any tile. Touch-and-hold one second on a tile, and this information will show:

  • The ID that shows is unique on the server. A player’s ID will change every new life, so this will not break anonymity.

  • You can vote to banish a player who has been griefing on a tile, by touch-and-hold on the tile and then pressing the Banish button.

  • A banished player will get a message when they enter the game:

  • You can see ID’s in the family tree, and killers can’t hide from you.

  • You can now see how many times a player has been Banished to Donkey Town recently. (B1 means one time). Be careful when you see players with a large number…
    You can find more details in this post:
    New anti-griefer tools: action log / 荒らし対策新ツール:アクションログ

Other Stuff その他
There have also been some bug fixes, like this one:

And improvements, like this one:


Wow huge update :partying_face: nice!

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Thanks to @Heidi_van_Bergen for this idea :slightly_smiling_face:


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From last night in Korea time, we had a happy time due to the update!!! :smile:
I saw B1 to B3 and someone saw B1 to B5 :scream:
and we saw griefer who had been constantly working as a bad griefer for a long time, but didn’t see B number.
I think… He is very talented as a griefer!!! :crazy_face:

I got a chance to talk to a player who was griefing with a feeling of sadness, not a griefer from the beginning, through the b-number sign.
Sometime someone begins to grief with the sadness they feel through an event.
Now that we can know them and talk to them through b-number, wouldn’t we be able to relieve their disappointment and reduce the number of griefer?
B-number is an update that I’m really really satisfied with. You are geniuses!!! :+1:

We are satisfied with the large-scale update, and we thank all those who has worked hard to do so!!!
I briefly delivered the update to users and now I should quickly share the update details to Korean server users :kissing_heart:


People with high B will definitely get ignored as baby or get banish even more even though they don’t do anything.

Does the B can be reduce?

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yes. i heard after 24 hours you lose one B. can someone confirm?

i thought its kinda like a stigma. like having a prison tattoo. i hope nobody gets cursed because of being a B.

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Because a griever could easily curse someone and that someone could be victim and curse by other and sent to donkey town. because he has B1 already (even thought B1 isn’t much) but could be the bad start for them as people might think he’s griever. And I can tell you that a player could ignorantly curse a innocent B1 player adding more B to them.


yes i thought exactly the same. i hope it wont happen. i guess time will tell.

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There is an error

This user has never been to my town
However, the ID of this user appears in the job log left by the gripper.
Due to a misunderstanding, this user became the B1 instead of the gripper.

This is a bit hard to understand, so please help me by explaining further?

  1. It looks like your family tree? Or did you get it from someone else? Who?
  2. You say the player hasn’t been there, but the log says so. What makes you think the player was not there?
  3. Did you vote to banish the player? Did the player get deported to Donkey Town? If they did, then around five other players must also have voted to banish the player, if they were B0 before.

Because of the language barrier, please try to be extra specific in your description of the problem, even if it seems a bit silly. It reduces the risk for misunderstanding.


I use a translator.
The family tree was received from the user.
I know the gripper is tied.I didn’t know there was an error and kicked him out with my descendants.
The player who was kicked out by Donkeyan instead of the gripper is Eve as I know it. He is the chain eve of another village and heard the life of 504501.
She had never been to my new village, and the life of 504501 lived on her village Eve.

And what did the griefer do that made you vote to banish? I see a horse is missing, but I assume there was more?

I organize and remember the village at the end.
When I finished, there were 2 fences and 2 horses.
The chained gripper plundered one of them and took two baskets and the rest of the house’s iron.
So I told the new descendants the action log on the fence where he had the horse, and asked him to expel him whenever he was 3 years old.
Korean players use an application called KakaoTalk, so there is a group room where most of the eves gathered with affection for the game because they want to hear quick information. 504501, who was deported by the fence, also had other unfortunate events in his village. 504501’s life was discovered and recovered by his neighboring village, looting two village horses and a large amount of iron. 504501 was a child who worked hard in a village that had been ruined by a distiller and is a reliable worker I would suggest for 2 Eves. Showed a new town. He doesn’t know. I like riding and looking around the house. My village rides and there is no other village within 5 minutes round trip.
There is a strange translation in the middle. The player of 504501 is someone who can build a town with me.
504501 was also plundered.
Two horses and lots of iron and food were plundered by neighboring villages.
504501 lived his life to prevent looting.

Ok, thanks for the additional details.
I can’t say anything specific about this case, but we will keep our eyes open and see if there are more reports.

The new tools are pretty strong, and I would encourage everyone to use them only when you are reasonably sure that there was intentional griefing. Remember that a person can borrow a horse for many legitimate reasons, and sometimes you can have an accident and not be able to bring it back.


In the case of loss, there are tacit rules that tell a story on the pedigree or mark it as a will.
Players on Korean servers are almost fixed, so they are anonymous, but people are distinct.
What I was convinced at the time was that my children had died in front of me. Finished the village alone with no other offspring. I was the last in the village of Eve and when I returned the next day, I realized that the horses and objects disappeared and plundered.
Comfortable thanks to this update. I can’t disassemble the distiller, so I can destroy the village and start again, but I’m very happy that if this happens, I can return the responsibility. However, I am concerned that the wrong person will go because of a fatal error.
So I got a picture from the player who became B1. Thank you for reading an article that is difficult to read. cheer up

Today I played on US beginners and had a baby with a B1. I just asked the baby why it got banished and also asked him if he was a griefer. He said he was not and he got banished for no reason at all (That happened to me quite a lot as well so I believed him) I named him Mars and he was a perfect citizen! People with 1B or 2B I will always give a fair chance to. But if they have more than that, I would be very suspicious and watch them play to make sure they are ok. So far I think it’s a good thing that players can see who was banished and how often.


i think b3 should lose all their markers. so they wont find back easy.

@Christoffer thank you for your hard work, I really love this game, and spend far too many hours here :sweat_smile: The new update is nice, but I would like, if the new clothing items would make me warmer. Tbh I have become lazy these days, since the clothes don’t keep me warm, but decay pretty fast, I mostly just make the loncloth, turban and scarf, since they never decay… I almost always make the big backpack tho, that one is so handy :+1: another suggestion could be, that the clothes would decay way slower, if we dye it :blush:


We already increased the decay time from 5 hours to 24 hours for the dyed clothes. That happened in update 2.14.0.
(Without dye, the decay time is 12h)