Regarding the Eberheart family

This is a story from the US beginner server. My name was Sylvie Eberheart and my sister was Monica Eberheart. I was born to an eve who had met someone who supposedly had a town with water. We gathered up all of the baskets that we had and left. I got caught up grabbing some bananas and barely missed them. I tried to follow them but i couldnt see them. I went the same direction as them and came across an abandoned town. I decided to declare this town as my own. Soon after exploring it, my first son was born. His name was Joshua and he had been in this town before. He helped me set things up in the town. Soon after Stephen was born. He also helped me and Joshua. I was busy going around trying to set up the Newcommen machines we had found. The biggest problem was no water. I was desperately trying to find water to grow some milkweed to make rope and fix the Newcommen well thing. My daughter Lydia had recently grown up and set off to do something. I decided that i was going to make this town a city. I started by building the first layer of the bell tower in hopes that my family would continue it. Second i was going to make a fire to set up the forge and to cook the massive amount of meat that was lying on the ground. I went searching for a lead to burn when i found a bear. It hit me and i ran back to the town to give them the seal skin i had found. I died shortly later . The family is currently at generation 6.

Edit: I was the only survivor of my generation




It’s easy to get lost when we’re planning to move. And sometimes we are the only survivor. What an irony is that.