Release 2.3.0 is rolling out / まもなく2.3.0のリリース

We are rolling out a new release today - 2.3.0

Besides a couple of fixes to some objects and transitions, this release doesn’t have content additions - only programming changes. The biggest difference id the one described here:

Several bugs reported have been fixed, both to content and other.

  • Only family members can now banish from observer mode. Also, no banish points from babies.
  • Profanity filter now also affects the Chronicle.
  • Touch and hold now gives you information on objects again.
  • Lifting containers from floor/road tiles is now easier.
  • Spawning on Solo Servers is now centered on your home marker.
  • Filling holes with dirt can no longer suddenly fill them with water instead.
  • Some errors in the Book of Hints have been corrected.

There are some changes behind the scenes as well, which will pave the way for future updates.
Next release will happen extra soon, and will bring you more content.



いくつかのオブジェクトや変化への修正の他に、今回は特に追加の要素はありません。プログラムの変更のみとなります。一番大きな違いはこちらにご説明したものです: Servers will become language based and open to everyone / サーバーが言語ベースになり、全ての人に解放されます


  • オブザーバー(観察)モードからは、その家系の一員のみが追放権を行使できるようになります。また、赤子で終了した人は追放権を持てません。
  • 一家年代記にも不適切な言葉の検閲が入ります。
  • タップ&ホールドでアイテムの情報が見られる状態に戻ります。
  • 床や道路から容器を持ち上げることが容易になります。
  • ソロ(単独)サーバーでの再開がホームマーカーからになります。
  • 溝を泥で埋める時、急に水が入ってしまう現象を修正しました。
  • ヒントブックの中のエラーを修正しました。



Will the private friend server have the same setting for the home marker? We are getting are getting 20 minute eve runs lately.

That’s insane! Have you had thousands of eve spawns on your server?

Spawning everyone individually seems wrong to me on a server with several players though… Maybe we should introduce a max radius for the Eve spiral, after which it starts again from origo? What is a good Max value, do you think?

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I wanted to play but i dont have money :frowning:

Most of the deaths are on my part of gross negligence and starving at 59 :joy:

But we do have some player including myself that need to step away from the game various reasons like family and on call schedules.

As for a max value I dont really have a great reference on what it would currently be to say what would be appropriate. I know that the spiral is very large but not sure how large.

Do you know how many tiles across the explored/built area on the server is? Rough estimate, I mean.

My math might be wrong on this but lets see. 3 tiles per second on foot and we have roads that with a horse 4 minutes across and 6 minutes length but 2 minutes not used by anyone so on road on a horse would be 400% speed so 12 per second. So 4320 length with a third of that not used and 2880 across plus distance used for finding resources so an additional 1000 tiles easy for that each side.

I would say in total 6320x4880

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I think that the infinite world generation is a little to much for the game, in a phone any way. Its really clear that having a full uninterrupted hour in a mobile device is a little hard to obtain in some circumstances. Also, having a random generated map, is a little too random sometimes. Finding the perfect spot for survival can get quite tricky. We could implement 2 solutions for our main problems.

  1. Making the map finite. 10 000 bye 10 000 may be big enough, or maybe not.

  2. We could also hand craft the map if we wanted too. Some times random is not the best option for survival.

I will leve that second idea for another day.


Well we expanded lets say 4000x4000 actively used land with a road system and over 3 months (when private server started) with mainly 4/5 active members. The numbers fluctuate up but the more we add the more we fill the map between the initial towns made from the start of the server.

Now the main problem is the eve spiral and resources in the main area.

For example we have two towns deep south on our map. When the eve spiral goes 10 minutes north of the northern most town, its an additional 4 minutes only because we have a massive amount of horses and the long network of roads we built. If that was not in place I’m sure there you be 25+ minute walks to certain towns.

Large projects also push us to go a lot further than we want just for iron and sand.

Not sure how this would look with 10 active players. We dont mind building close for traveling reasons but dont want to build close due to lack of resources in the area.

Sorry for going off on a tangent lol

The home marker spawn like the solo server would be appreciated greatly from our current group of around 8 active players.

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Oh I just want to clarify something:

By saying to have the same marker spawn, i dont mean multiple eves at once. I meant that if the current eve dies before 60 and there is a fertile woman on, then they should get born to that player. But the moment they become an eve, when there are no more fertile players, then they end up at the home marker instead of the wilderness/ eve spiral.

For new players with no home marker, a set place would be ideal like after the EU 1 server failure/wipe

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We have not been able to come up with a better solution so far, so we will go ahead with your suggestion for the upcoming release: Eve spawns on Friends servers will happen on a circle (radius = EveDistance) around the individual player’s home marker on the server. We reserve the right to change this again if it turns out to not work that well for everyone.

Would be good to hear feedback from the community once the change has rolled out, later this week.


finally don’t need to run 20+ minutes when I lost my eve❤


So if I am at a a town thats 500 tiles east from my home marker and die before 60 years, I could spawn 500 tiles in any other direction from my home marker?