Release 2.3.1 coming soon! / バージョン2.3.1リリース!

In this release there are:

More than 80 new objects:

  • Build beehives and produce honey and beeswax
  • New, delicious foods
  • New way to transport fire

The honey was originally suggested by @paper here:, but please be aware that the actual implementation is not exactly as the suggestion. For example, there is no way to destroy the Bees Nests or Beehives (too vulnerable to griefers) or make the bees kill a player.

The average amount of honey you will get from a beehive before the bees die is 13 bowls, but it can be more or less, and you can store up to 5 bowls of honey in one crock.

In this release you can use the honey to sweeten your porridge and to bake cakes. The beeswax can be used in the same ways as palm wax. More uses will follow in future releases.

The object you use to blow smoke on the bees can also be uses to store burning embers for a long time. This makes it easier to start fires again, if you don’t have torches (but you should have torches too, because it’s a good use for beeswax and torches are very cool :sunglasses: (well they are hot :fire:, but you know what I mean) ).

There are also new plates and bowls which you need for baking, plus a slightly changed way to produce clay items. The crock now requires 3 clay to make, and you can put 1,2 or 3 clay onto a single tile.

The wild Bees Nests appear in the green biome and in the rocky one. They are quite rare though. There is also a way to increase the chances for new bees nests to appear, but how is a secret that you have to find out yourselves :thinking:

Have fun!

// The team




  • ハチの巣箱を建ててハチミツとミツロウを作る
  • 新しいおいしい食べ物
  • 新しい火の移し方

ハチミツは元々 @paper さんからご提案いただきました(こちらを参照: 提案(suggestion) )。しかしながら、実装されたものはご提案とは少し違っています。例えば、ミツバチの巣箱やミツバチの巣を壊すことはできません(荒らし行為に弱いため)し、ミツバチを殺人に使うことはできません。



ミツバチ用に使う煙を作るアイテムは長時間火を保つことにも利用でき、たいまつがない場合に火の再利用がより簡単になります(でもたいまつがあったほうがみつろうを有効利用できるし、なによりたいまつはクール :sunglasses: ですから。あ、火はホット :fire: ですけどね)。


野生のミツバチの巣は草原と荒野で見つかります。なかなか珍しいのですが。ミツバチの巣を見つけるチャンスを増やす方法が実はあります。でもそれはここでは内緒です。皆さんで見つけてくださいね :thinking:




Is it by planting roses? :thinking::thinking:

Omg this is awesome!! I already stacked up on some clay and made an area ready for the bees, i cant wait to figure out all the new recipes :grin: great work guys, always keeping us motivated :muscle::heart:



The biomes seems to have respawn some flat rocks if im not mistaken, btw is there a list of all items that have been added?

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ive saw also some new flat rocks on eu-2. also some trees have switched. and there are some bear caves missing.

nice spotted some bees =) !


I have played the update.
Thank you for the implementation.
I think it was hard because I can’t speak English.

Sorry to change the subject but
In a friend server, Pine Tree with Cardinals seems to have lost birds due to bees in this update. I’d be happy if it was a bug.


I think tree planting…:thinking:

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Not sure. I wish there was a clue

This is pretty chillin, I like it

I found it already. My Christmas trees with birds became the bees nests after several hours later or faster.

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yup, that happens to my tree too😂

Looks like we found the secret haha

Its bitter sweet really because I really like the birds.

Is there something we could do to make the birds permanent? Maybe add something so the bees dont take over? Maybe feed the birds some seeds so they stay that way?


Also gathering bees looks like a two player job.
Could there be a way to transport the smoker in a horse cart while it is lit? I can understand not being able to put a fire source in a back pack :joy: but we need to bring many tools like axe/kindling a knife and short staff to make the wood shaving (not able to put in cart) and fire tools with a ladder. I know its a high reward item but being able to bring the embers with you for transporting fire would be great for small exertions and mini projects.

Coming back to base intime before the beehive turns to honeycombs with everything usually means leaving something behind if its a very long trip.

Even in voice chat its complex and for players with in game chat, I could see it being very easy to make many round trips to get it right and easy to lose the hive as well

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There will be some tweaks and improvements in the next release. You won’t be able to carry a ladder in an apron, for example :sweat_smile:

The Ember carrier will be possible to put in a cart.


Thanks for the head up on the apron! I’ll be sure to abuse that before you fix it :joy:

I’m going to used it as everyday outfit until it gets fix.



There were some bugs with contain sizes for the content released in v2.3.1. These have now been fixed for 2.4.0.

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