Release1.16.0, what's new? / バージョン1.16.0とは?


All in all, there’s about 70 new objects in this update.

You can now find wild rice plants in the swamp biome. Pick the seeds and soak them in water to make them grow. Then you plant them in a box filled with soil. Once you harvest the rice, you can boil it and either eat directly, or make Onigiri (rice balls).
Since there is no seaweed in the game (yet… :wink:) , you use a Banana Tree leaf to wrap the Onigiri. If you have thread, you can wrap the Onigiri in packages, which fit in a backpack or basket. Portable food!

By putting a lid on a crock you will get a container that can be used to store up to five items or bowls of stuff. For instance, putting a carrot in a Crock with Lid, turns it into a “Container of Carrots”, which can hold up to 5 carrots.

Here is a list of Container types:

  1. Container of Carrots
  2. Container of Bananas
  3. Container of Mangoes
  4. Container of Potatoes
  5. Container of Dried Corn
  6. Container of Cactus Fruits
  7. Container of Burdock Roots
  8. Container of Salt
  9. Container of Wheat
  10. Container of Palm Oil
  11. Container of Palm Wax
  12. Container of Flour
  13. Container of Corn Kernels
  14. Container of Gooseberries
  15. Container of Dry Beans
  16. Container of Palm Kernels
  17. Container of Eggs
  18. Container of Rice Seeds
  19. Container of Peeled Rice
  20. Container of Dung

Other improvements
Please take a look here as well:



湿地にて野生の稲を見つけることができます。種を取り、水に浸けて苗を育てます。次に土を入れた箱に苗を植え、収穫した後は炊いてそのまま食べるか、おにぎりを作ることができます。海苔がないので(まだ今のところは… :wink: )、バナナの葉をおにぎりに巻けます。糸がある場合は、おりぎりを包んでリュックかバスケットに入れられます。お弁当です!



  1. ニンジン入りの容器
  2. バナナ入りの容器
  3. マンゴー入りの容器
  4. ジャガイモ入りの容器
  5. 乾燥したトウモロコシ入りの容器
  6. サボテンの実入りの容器
  7. ゴボウ入りの容器
  8. 塩入りの容器
  9. 小麦入りの容器
  10. パーム油入りの容器
  11. パームワックス入りの容器
  12. 小麦粉入りの容器
  13. トウモロコシの種入りの容器
  14. スグリ入りの容器
  15. 乾燥した豆入りの容器
  16. ヤシの種入りの容器
  17. フン入りの容器
  18. 卵入りの容器
  19. 米の種入りの容器
  20. 皮を取った米入りの容器

こちらをご参照ください: Small tweaks for next release / 次回の細かな修正


Lakes? Ponds? Rivers? Oceans? :smiley:

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I want to go with by boat on the lake in the jungle to spot tropical fish! (And then eat :wink:).

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Can we get an indicator showing how much is inside crocks with lids? Like how seed bowels get circles or whatever on them? That way we can see how many bananas are left in them at a glance and such.

Can bowel of popcorn be added to the crock storage?
Also itd be cool if salt could be added to a full crock of popcorn to make salted popcorn for yum chaining.

Also the palm leaves for rice has a slight flaw. Well its not really a flaw i guess. But because you can add more rice to the leaves as long as one remains on it, it doesnt make since for the leaf to become dirty after eating the last one.

So i think it’d be better to either remove the dirty leaf compleatly or to make it so rice cant be added onto them after one is removed.

List of items that would be good to store in crocks:

  1. Wild onions
  2. Clay ( would expedite crock production by gathering more in carts)
  3. Rabbits
  4. Fresh green beans
  5. Wood shavings
  6. Chopsticks

I would like sake and fruit wines added in but i guess that would mess with the E rating :thinking:

Maybe we could get fruit juices. Boiling mangos or berries in a crock with sugar if added for fruit juices.

To bad its an e rating because adobe distillerys are an actual thing that exists irl.

I have some things i want to say.
First, you should try make these pictures smaller to let them fit in the box.
image image image
As seen in the last picture, there is a +. But i think it would be beter to change that to with. No other items have a + apart from the wood shavings + chopsticks. You should also change that.
Further i like the update. Good work :+1: