Restrict a permanent banishment vote to server owner

English is below.

I never met griefers in private server but would like you to make a hedge against them. So, could you disable banishment voting except an owner and inhibit a griefer from playing in a server if ones an owner voted the griefer?


Do I understand your suggestion correctly?

  1. Only the server owner can use banish
  2. Banished players will not be able to play on the server at all (no donkey town)

Should the banishment last forever, or for a time duration, like one day or one week or so?

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Maybe give players the option to banish someone for a certain amount of time (or permanently).

They’re correct. It’s enough until the rental period expire.

I changed your title so that people wouldnt just glance over it :grinning:
The permanent part will let people know that its not just making it so only owners can banish and imply that the owners could pemanently ban someone.

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@Mandrake I appreciate your help!


Here’s what we think we will do:

  • On Private Friends Servers, only the owner can use banishment.
  • Using it once on a player results in that player being unable to play on the server for 24 hours.
  • If a player gets banished more than once from the same server, the banishment will last for 30 days instead.

We have not started implementing this yet, but we plan to do it fairly soon.
(feedback still welcome)


Thanks for your planning to implement it. Now, I have a question. How long time is the interval between using banishment?

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In favor of this proposal.

This has been implemented and will come in v2.1.0