Revenge of Jameson Mango

So I disliked this one family at a young age. I do not remember their last name. I was a bright boy born by the name Jameson. Jameson Mango. I saw this family and little old Jameson already had devious actions in mind; what if we made this family… disappear.

They were a relatively new family. The eve was still alive. When I told my mom about my plan to kill the girls of the other family that wasn’t related to us, my mother, Alicen Mango, said that she would help me in my plan. Of course, I couldn’t just kill for no reason. I hid my war sword until my brother was killed.

My brother was killed by a member of the opposing family. This was go time for me. Before I could even whip out my war sword, I was stabbed by a different person. I almost died, but my mother saved me. Me and my mom hatched a plan to kill the remaining females in the other family. We whipped out our war swords and went crazy on the other family.

As there was a lot of death, me and my mother’s plan had succeeded. I pictured in my mind that it would have not been long before the other family started to kill the Mangos too. I decided to rest, until one of the males tried to fight back. I killed him again, but with a knife this time. It slowed me down. My mother was stabbed by Sada Mango, my 12 year old little brother.

I killed him too, my mother then saying, “Good boy.” Before she died. I stood over her dead body. My grandmother then said, “Good riddance.” I was then stabbed by Kay Mango, my uncle. My grandmother said that she forgave me for killing the other family, to which I replied, “You only say you forgive me because I died.” Those were my last words.

Some will take this as a story of greed, other will adopt this as a story of triumph. I believe that this is a story of sacrifice. I sacrificed myself to save many others. For those of you wondering why… because they were going on killing sprees! They almost my little brother, who I avenged. I didn’t want anymore funny business, so I put it all to an end.

A part of me wishes I can spawn there again, just to see how the village turned out.

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Oh, did this not happen in YAH? You mentioned war swords, that’s why.

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