Rose situation

I have been trying for 6 HOURS! I still got pink rose…

What am i doing wrong? I play on a private friends server and i set up a timer for 1 hour and when the time was done i go and put the seed in the cold bowl then i plant it and…PINK ROSE!

WHYY!! im so frustrated rn!

My first attempt on a different private friends server worked magically i got both white and red but for this it just doesn’t work…


Update: I tried using the tips that people gave me and it didn’t work again…At this point im considering of giving up, But i’ll try the same method on my own server with no decay to see if it works. Im thinking its cause of the decay system.

Update no.2: It worked on the no decay server :confused: i did the same technique with the rose and it worked for the other server so its confirmed that i will be stuck forever with a pink rose :cry:


Ok so I did some research. I can never find much when searching “you are hope ……”. So in one hour one life a pink rose seed should change to a red rose seed in an hour…. A another hour white. Then you can put it into the cold bowl. I’m sure this is what you have been doing. Seems like the biggest mistake is doing the cold bowl first and then waiting an hour. Other than that I’m not sure why it isn’t working. I’m wondering if the label of the seed changes name or the actual seed changes slightly? Now I’m perturbed by this myself and might join you in your quest. I’m concerned that this whole process just doesn’t work on you are hope…. Or maybe it’s done differently. :face_in_clouds:


That is the process, as far as I’m aware of regarding roses.

@Christoffer do the decay settings of private server also change the duration of making rose colors?

The answer is,

  1. makes sure that the seed is on your screen or near your screen. The timer is stop when we are far from them.

  2. Set it 1 hour 15 minutes to be sure that 1 hour is past. Sometimes we picked them too early.

  3. Makes sure that the server is active, means you have to play on the server instead of leaving the server

Good luck


So you’ll have to wait 1:15 with the seed on screen?Thats steeeeep my goodness. What happens if you put it in a back back?

Uh… As far as I remember, we need to leave them in the cold bowl, not bagpack.

So the seed has to stay in the bowl for an hour to change to a red seed? Or on the ground?

Here it is from my old account. Not in the bowl apparently, but ground. Don’t take it in your bagpack either. Wild or domestic doesn’t matter.

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so thats why it was not working…i just left it there sitting for 1 hour ig i should be near it tho idk if the server decay system changes it the other private server worked magically

Yes, it affects all decay that’s specified in hours/epocs.


It didn’t need to be visible on the screen. You just have to be close enough for the timer to continue. When you’re far enough from parts of the map, the time on them basically freezes. For example, my cow ranch is far enough away from my city center that if I feed my cows and then go back to the city center and come back in 2 minutes, the cows will not have given birth yet. They’ll still be marked as fed cows, but will not have calves.

But but you are right about leaving the seeds out and not in the bowl. First you have to strip it down to the seed, then you leave it on the ground for at least an hour but less than 2 hours to get the red seed, or more than 2 hours to get the white seed. Then you stratify it in the snow. I was trying this over the last week or so as this thread has been live, and I tested it out for myself. Let me know if you want clarification.

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I have been trying for red roses, too, and appreciate all this advice. Does anyone know how close we need to be to keep the timer going? I mean, how many squares away can I be working and have the seed still “processing”? Does it need to be visible (so about 5 squares on my iPad)? 10 squares?

Also, does the “processing” immediately stop when we go out of range? Or is there a lag of a few minutes?

My homestead is not huge, but is pretty big, so I tend to travel around a lot. Sticking within one screen area for over one life will get pretty boring!