SACRIFICE-my weird life story

hello, i am crazy_kvo. This is my first post. It’s of this one very weird life in OHOL. I have Dutch autocorrect on (idk how to turn it of) so sorry if i type something wrong. Please comment so i can change it.

Normally i have a pretty normal family. But this one girl…

I was born in a little village with the name Max. It had a lot, and it was pretty Nice. I good care and They really liked me. They had a stone Floor (only one ): ) and Some burried graves, and a LOT of berry Bushes, like 20! We had a lot of fun. We had some cool things happen, like the eve spawning in our
Village. They where pretty sad when i came there with a hog cut. Then i died. I Waited untill i spawned back. I did that by killing myself a couple of times. Then, finally i respawned. Not Much changed.
My mother was happy to hear i was back. Then a girl was Born.
I was pretty happy to hear that, because girls mean more girls/boys.
But this one… at first i didn’t notice something. She was okay. But She got weirder every minute… when i was almost as old as her She said: i am the queen! I said: not yet. (She would not, i was thinking, but i didnt want to fight or something) She looked like one, with the cape from my grave from earlier. She teached some things to my sis because She was new. I asked if She was making a fire, because i saw the materials for that.
Then She was screaming! No idea why. She Saïd things like NOOB!
and ******. I was pretty suprised. Why was She doing that? My sis then also starved. When She stopped screaming, She said: i am a witch! And She repeated that a couple of times. I was thinking about how weird this player was. I understand that people want to roleplay, but She was WEIRD.
I hided the bow and arrows behind trees, just for safety.
She did a couple other weird things and then She turned 15.
We looked at mom, that just died. She got 58! ’nooo!’ we said.
Mom didn’t notice anything of my sister. I Knew that She could be even weirder now… She was working hard and i lost her. Then She came back, with something strange in her backpack.
What was that? It looked like a knife. But how did She get one?
Then She got a girl! Queen, was her name. I was reminded of earlier,
When She said: i am the queen! We raised her and then She did Some lumberjacking. I snared Some bunnies and came back. I heard crying and looked. A boy. Nice. A girl was better, but a boy could be Nice too. I was one too, and i was very usefull for the village. I looked what his name was.
Dsd. Weird name. But not everyone can give good names. Wait, what? She pulled out a knife and killed him!
No! I was pretty angry. She keeped repeating that it was a sacrifice for the girls. And and that it was okay, or it was fine. Then he died.
What a sister! Then She got a girl, named Hope. She looked at the grave of dsd.
Sacrifice for you, She said. She walked away with here. I hope She dies soon! I was thinking. Now whe have 2 replacements. But i came back sad.
Queen died! And hope! Oh no! She said. And dsd? Yes, i answered.
Yay, a new baby! I clicked on him. A boy. You are sacrifice, She said. Oh no, not agian! I said.
The boy understood what i ment when he saw the knife and the murder grave.
My sister stabbed him. He died. After a long time, a new kid was Born.
A boy. Again. You are sacrifice II She said. She stabbed him.
6, he repeated 3 times. Not my idea, i said. He died, after his last 6.
No girls left. All that stupid sacrifice for nothing!
Then, She got a girl! She was very lucky,
because She just turned 40. We fed her with berries,
Then She said: stop, i Will say when i need food.
Pretty smart. We didn’t have much food left,
so that was a smart idea. We took care of her.
She Made a lot of jokes, like walking away, and then saying: jk. So you are a Joke person? I said.
We had fun. Then, my sis grabbed her knife
and stabbed her! I was SO angry! This was enough!
STOP MAKING JOKES. My sis said. I reminded her that She was 40, and could not get anymore kids.
She said sorry, but that didn’t help.
She died. I was alone with my sis. I had a plan.
She needs revenche, i was thinking. I would walk to the tree, grab the bow, shoot her, and She Will be dead. That Will teach her a lesson.
And She Will scream, like before, but i don’t care.
But then, She pulls het knife and stabs me. I died.
The She was alone. That was her own fault.

WoW, what an extreme live i had. I can’t believe it!
Normally i spawn at Nice places, with Nice people.
But this wasn’t like before. Well, there was a time where almost all my kids murdered themselves.
And also that Guy that murderd another Guy,
He said that he didn’t do anything. He really wasn’t Nice.
Sis, if you read this, why did you murder everyone?
Anyway, comment your stories down below,
Wel, not evryone, but a lot.
Comment down below if you have intresing stories,
Or send me a link. I would like to read them.
I hope you liked my first post, thx for Reading!

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I seen what you are talking about you where in my family tree life!!! Why did she do this. all are hard work for what so sad. I started this place it was a good spot with lots of ponds and iron nere by to. We planted all the bush in first life then I die of old age, we mad it all the way to the 8 gin tell she kill where one every .we need to wach out for this plyer she/him will kill you every time boy/or girl it don’t master she/him is crazy!!!

You are very right. It was a Nice village, until She came! Graves didn’t get burried anymore, the Bushes died, I wish She wasn’t born in our family.

That’s okay!

Your good my boy , if you ever see a player named mother life that is me

Thank you!

Good to know.