Sacrificed to a sheep!?

Alright sooo I was born to a regular berry farming family. It was nice they had a forging area going on and a decent stew farm. Around the time I was born my brother, Jake was finishing up a pen for sheep. He seemed like a nice brother at first… he gave me clothes to wear and a little straw hat. It was cute. My mother, Jenny, went out to find a mouflon to bing back home. That’s when things started to get a little freaky. I was tending to the languishing berry bushes when I noticed my brother starting up the forge. At the time I thought nothing much of it. Our shovel was about to break so I figured he was going to make a new one. I left him to it while I gathered more soil. When I returned I didn’t see him or the shovel he was making (supposedly)… weird. I don’t know why I thought maybe he went out to get more branches to make handles (even though there were some already there). Mom came back shortly after his disappearance. She told me to grab the bowl of food and come into the pen. Quickly I got the bowl and hurried over. Mother had her backpack on… the contents which I did not know of then. Her long hair covered the handle of the knife inside. Before I could actually feed the lamb my OWN mom whipped out a knife and proceeded to stab me. Told me a healthy lamb needed a sacrifice to grow up and have lots of baby lambs. My brother came onto the screen a while after the SAME direction mom came from and laughed. I spectated them for a bit afterwards. Jake ended up taking my hat back and mom took my coat. I’m pretty sure they pre planned the attack and the sheep was used as a coverup. :’(


If it helps, I was sacrificed to a god. Not sure what god, but I was killed too. Ppl will come up with the most stupidest or insane ideas to kill I guess


sometimes ppl are roleplaying, i once born in a town and ppl give me crown and told me i am the queen of the town, i have no idea what they are doing, but sometimes ppl will do things like that, don’t be upset, cos you will meet different players in game :slight_smile:


One time i was just named ‘queen’ and i was the new queen of the little town without anything, no tools, one forge… I didnt even have a crown!


Wow, poor treatment!


“We must cull the baby sheeplings” ah good time :joy:

I used to have a paper that said that on a arrow back in kappugen. It was my favorite way to protect the town lmao

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