:sob: i know the feels

This is what you call a childless server, which is fun? Mr. Christopher, I think, you underestimated the destructive power of the saboteur

The saboteur underestimated us. He destroyed, we fixed fast. Brought us to stay closer together. But If anyone doesn’t likes the no childserver, he always can play on any other Server. 🤷 hands over a kiekerchief Don’t be sad, everything will be okay .


Yes, I think it’s making sense that if anyone doesn’t like any sever, just leave instead of ruin everything. But things happens. There isn’t any effective solution for dealing with these people. (banishment has to be three people, the truth is that the whole no kid sever normally got less than 3players:joy:)

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There’s a discussion in discord about a better banishment system, also the spawn town isn’t so bad with most players helping each other recover the town every time something happens.

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It will become possible to remove those towers.


Nice! That’s a annoying thing.


Thank you to the corresponding

Sound nice

Nice! ! !

What’s the use? If I wanted to join the saboteurs I’d have a more brutal way of making it impossible for you to play, but so many towns have been destroyed because of the walls, and we’re not in a hurry to fix them