Saddest moment in your life at OHOL?

My saddest moment is when we are foraging in badlands close your camp, you see a bear. You go home and warn everyone. Then you go far away to make bow and arrow since at your home there’s no milkweed to be available. And when you finally done and go home to kill the bear, everybody died.



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Mine was similar to that, but we already had the arrows. Me and my family had found them, however I could not use them as the family elder because I was busy trying to keep my daughters alive. Eventually I got bitten by the bear and only a few survived, the family line died out fairly quickly after that. Feeding three kids and avoiding a bear, especially when you have no farms, can be quite annoying.

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my grandma die with wound, while my mum is feeding my brother, she didn’t notice, her backpack have medical kit and my grandma die five steps away from her.

my brother grow up, only my uncle and brother left after my mum’s death because of old age. After my uncle’s death, my brother and I work hard in village, when my time comes, I say goodbye to him and tell him to take care. When I die and see the family tree, my brother curse me in my last minutes of life…


Oh my god. I’m your mother!!
I named my children mona lisa and mistakenly named you hi baby.
I was distracted with your brother and trying to carry sterile things (forget the name) in my backpack but mu backpack is full. I try to put down some things but a little lamb that escape annoyed me. I failed healing my mom.


Hi mum, and V3 is my uncle :laughing:
I have been good and work very hard, I fed two more babies but they all die after grown up.
I saw U giving the knife to my brother, actually I am quite sad because I am trust worthy too Hahahahaha
he is busying in cooking food until 56 years old and i am 59,
I say goodbye to him and got cursed by him while I do nothing to hurt the village or him.
BTW, two sheep kept in the pen after you die, no more running sheep HAHAHAHAHA

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I’m so sorry, i didn’t see you around so often and didn’t know if you were trustworthy too or not. Your youngest brother thought me how to fix the stall problem and seems like a pro so maybe he knows what to do with the knife, but he’s about to AFK. So, I see Your other brother busying himself cooking so i thought he can be trust.

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It’s ok, just joking, I am always busying in the carrot farm at north of the camp :slight_smile:
I think I told u grandma is hurt and helping you to make stone shows that i am trust worthy enough.
Next time I should work harder :slight_smile:

Aye! I remember that town King popped me out there. He died bit by something… The lag and his head blocking the pads prevented me from saving him.

yes, and i have a baby and he want to reborn again. U and i talk about playing solo in EU server and u tell me you are V3 :blush: Remember that?

Yeah, who’s town was that? The Pond eve.

I don’t know either, just born as baby there

Omg im ur mother my name was luna pond amd i was with v3nt

I gave you rabbit clothes and I gave v3int all of my wool and rabbit clothes, You were great children