Santa giving tons of gifts!

So like my child and I were starting up a new village and a Santa spawns. Now usually I would think that it was a NPC, but this one responded to us and gave of loads of stuff. I’m pretty sure it was a developer so I’d just like to say thanks and happy holidays.:two_hearts:


He came to our town on no kids Server as well. It’s so cool! :slight_smile:


This Santa ate our cake, a whole cake in one bite! Then he died, maybe the reason was he have eaten too much.


I have also heard these rumors. My theory is that the real Santa has started to play the game. He has probably seen you guys making and giving away free things to each other all year and decided that you have all deserved extra gifts this year.

It just a theory though, I may be wrong…


It could be an impersonator. :wink:


I love this

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Santa helped me bake my pies on the no child server, he also helped me by putting my crock on the ashes while I was working on getting my oven ready. :smiley:

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