Secret Garden

I remember coming into existence as a full grown woman, with no memory of a childhood or family. I lived in a strange garden surrounded by a tall stone wall. There was seemingly no way to escape this garden, for the only break in the wall had an enormous tree that completely blocked me in.

It was lonely but I decided at once to keep myself busy to block out the dark thoughts. I began by quickly making a kiln, firing up pottery, creating bellows and charcoal and learning to blacksmith. It took me nearly a lifetime to learn to make an axe and a shovel however finally I was able to clear the tree that had kept me prisoner for my entire life!

Dear reader, imagine the horror when I discovered the only fate that awaited me outside my walls was a poisonous snake poised to strike! I quickly threw down a log blocking the snake from entering what I thought was my prison but had actually been my Eden. I kept the fire going and died of old age with a banana in my hand.


Congratulations for learning how to make a steel axe!


Wait the labyrinth event was in eden sweet

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No the labyrinth event wasnt in eden.
Every event was held in their own new servers.
This is a post telling a life story from a perminant event server used to teach how to make tools.

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Yeah I mixed up the events, the labyrinth event was fun though I mean aren’t they all but where are the events, if you could answer on my post asking where the weekend events went I would appreciate it, although if you don’t know you know have too,