Server us-beginner Bell tower city (Dragon and Big foot family)

Yesterday was one of the funniest days I’ve had on this game in awhile. Granted I spent so much time running to the bell city, but I enjoyed the adventure. I was born in the wild like 3 times to families running trying to make their way to the town. I didn’t make it one life, because my mom left me at 1 lol. I was born in the Bell city by the Dragon family and then again by the Big feet. Of course there were trolls, potatoes, and noobs in the town at one point or another. Yet it was fun just playing with so many people. I taught a few of the things I know to anyone that wanted to learn, but most importantly I told people about the bell. I kept ring it, and insisted that people kept ringing it. Our server kept that town alive for alteast 4 or 5 families that lasted 5+ gens. From this experience I now know how important the bell is. I made it to the city one last time before I called it a night/day. The journey was so long I passed like 4 big to small towns. Lost my only Girl(Supreme) in a biome with alot of trees. I tried to search for her, but after about 2 or 3 mins I continued to make my way to the city. I figured we would meet back up there is she survived the adventure. I found a horse in one of the towns. I buryed a body that look like they had buryed their loved one before dying themselves, and used the horse to get all the way to the bell city. I showed up as my favorite person to be “Bee Beyond.” I was happy to see that the city was still alive and that someone stayed ringing the bell. Lol I was surprised to find someone who knew me as well. Anyway good times. Just thought I’d share