She Watched Her Village Die

A woman finds herself alone.

“I hate being Eve…” she says and was about to starve to death when she had a son. The son didn’t want to run away and said they could start their village there since it was a nice spot. Lots of water and resources. The Eve says, “Why not?” and decides to not let herself starve. She called herself Ice Cream Cake and named her son, Chocco, short for Chocolate.

Ice Cream and Chocco started working hard. Getting supplies, making bowls and plates, starting a berry farm. etc. IC was worried though. She was growing old and didn’t have a girl. When suddenly, she births one, and she names her, Marble. Marble stayed and grew up to have another baby girl, Liz and a son Jackson.

IC was proud. Getting old and not wanting her kids to travel, she brings iron back to her tiny village says her goodbyes, and passes away.

A few minutes pass, IC spawns again. She recognizes this area, this place. It’s her village! She saw her son Chocco but before she could say anything, he ran off. IC was sad but was reunited with her daughter and granddaughter. IC decided to continue with the Cake name and renamed herself Coconut.

Coconut started to have more children. A new daughter named Swiss and after that, all boys. The food supply was too small, so she decided she’d have to let some of the pass on. Marble and Liz didn’t think the same way. They kept feeding all of the babies that were birthed, even the ones that would not move. Coconut was shocked to see that Jackson, who haven’t moved an inch, was still alive. Coconut tries to tell them not to feed them anymore, but the two ignored her.

This is where Coconut starts to see a decline. The rowdy boys would take all the berries from the farm but not work to replenish them. They would take things from the smithing area as Coconut tried to smith. They would take important items and run off. Berry farm demolished.

Coconut was heartbroken. With no strength left, she let herself starve at age 40. With a little bit of hope, though, she watches the village from the Heavens. All the rowdy boys died from starvation. Her granddaughter, from Swiss, named Iris, tried her best but said, “This village is dead.” And let herself die. Both of the Cake clans died one by one. It was hard for IC/Coconut to take in. She sighed, heartbroken. She watched the destruction of her village. She could only bring herself to say one more thing.

“I hate being Eve.”


Cute names! I hated being an Eve as well until I was taught to only play with friends or solo if I didn’t want to see all my work destroyed. I let my babies know that I don’t play with strangers.

I have had some lovely children in the past that worked so hard at improving our village. However the majority are just eaters that don’t help.

There are lots of amazing players here on the forum that are so kind and willing to help out if you want to build up a town! I’m still new myself but I’d be willing to give you a hand.


Thank you! I was so happy but my daughters decided to ignore me. They didn’t want to be heartless. Is there a way to add friends? How do you play with specific people? I wanted to play with a friend of mine but he thought he’d have to play with random people.


You have to comunicate irl. Through apps like discord or line. Play at tge same time as each other and when one is born as an eve tell the other what you looked like. The one wanting to be born as a baby will have to keep suiciding until they are born to you. Or you could come up with a baby code. So that when the baby is born to you and say that you would know its your friend. The problem is that peopl will see that through observing you with family chronicals and try to use the code and if you keep the fake baby they might grief your town.


I see. Thank you!


Great story. I know exactly how you feel. You start something and you want to see it thrive. I’ve started a few villages and I believe that I’ve seen the villages thrive, but none of my (Teshima) families lived very long after me. There was one exception tho, once my Line lived on to the fifteenth gen. So don’t give up hope.
As a bonus, you might actually get to revisit one of the villages that you started. I think I have, but I can’t be sure, cause they grow. :wink:

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And the story repeats itself!

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One of my fams lives on to around 10 generations, but only thanks to having started it in the great City of Kapugen, one of the lost wonders of Eu server 2


I think joining a game and “suiciding” is a nasty trick. Especially in a small village where there may be a limited number of babies that will be born and people are working to make a fun game and succeed. Then some doofus with an agenda who only wants to play by their own exact standards in exactly their ideal situation pops up and takes a baby spot and harms the innocent players. And they may even waste time and resources on you. Or abandon other things before you “suicide” off seeking your controlled exact and predictable experience. Just play the game. Not having it go perfectly every time is part of the experience. Life isn’t perfect. Roll the dice. Meet people. Get along with strangers. Or don’t. Take chances. Interact. Otherwise find a different game one that you can make sure only goes exactly as you want it. And one that doesn’t intrude on and harm the strangers you reject because everything has to be just so and perfect for you.