Showing Appreciation

I think if there’s an inside culture in this game, it would be showing appreciation by giving food. Especially Blueberries.

Blueberries are rare, not many people collect them, not many people cooks them. Because they grow in the mountain and they’re seasonal. If we feel like we are thankful to someone, we can go to the mountains with 2 bowls and wait for blueberry season. The first bold to collect one berries, the second bowl to collect a bowl full of berries. Since both are considered 2 different food and will gives double yum bonus.

What else do you think are good inside culture in this s game?


at advanced towns: add whipped cream on the full blueberries bowl. very nice present :smiley:


I’ve noticed a lot of children feeding their mothers in their old age. Showing appreciation for feeding the babies and making sure they are kept alive into adulthood. Doting mothers are awarded with caring children.