Shrine of choas

So we have the pece lilly shrine that makes it so you cant kill or be killed within its boundaries but we dont have a shrine that facilitates the oposite.

So i was thinking that it would be a nice touch if we had a chaos shrine. It would be made the same way as a normal peace lilly shrine except instead of dirt and a peace lilly seed you just directly use a bloodied knife on it.

While in the boundrys of the chaos shrine you have a much shorter kill cooldown or no cooldown and can not be Banished for any reason except for using the id banish function on tgings like sheep corpses or released bears.

Also it should give a message when entering and exiting the boundrys of both types of shrines and the knife should be removable with a peace lilly seed or leaf since it could easily be used to grief otherwise.

Event sugestion below