Weekend event suggestion and new shrine. Race to Yoba (shrine of chaos sugestion)

There used to be a god worshiped by many OHOL and YAH players although i dont remember the lore of this ancient religion or its purpose but i do remember in the ancient texts it is worshiped through a shrine and the most devote worshipers were blessed by this chaotic diety.

Some texts say that when the shrine is assembled in a devine chaos location and offered a blue rose the shrine releases fresh chaos into the world capable of destroying ancient walls revealing new devine lands and new ancient walls in your way. At the end of their journey they found a shrine of peace. Its power so devine they could no longer harm others in its presence. Feeling their connection to their Devine Chaos Yoba they took their torches set the shrine of peace aflame. The shrine now ablaze released Yobas devine presence destroying all of the remaining ancient walls.

The ancient texts speak of another tribe of worshipers who were faced with the same circumstances and failed to beat the writers of this text to create the shrine of Yoba. When the walls fell the writers of this text were gifted devine fever by Yoba they were no longer affected by guilt of killing others for a few years and had gained knowledge of how to create new shrines of chos by placing a bloodied knife in an empty bastian. This new shrine would remove their guilty consciences when they killed within a certain distance of the shrine.

Theres also a ancient scroll from the other tribe. It speaks of after the walls fell they were powerless for the devine Yoba had forsaken them. Many of their tribesmen were sluaghterd by the victorias tribe and their complete demise was besetting them. But hope was not gone though the text is not clear about how many of the tribesmen made it to the peace shrine it speaks of them trying to burn the lilly in hopes to gain yobas Devine protection but their attempts were in vain for Yoba rested in another shrine in a far away land. Their end was coming and all hope was lost in a fit of anger one of the tribesmen grabed a weapon and tried to kill another but no matter how much he tried he could not. They descovered that this Devine lilly protected them from the chaos of Yoba and as the tribemen huddled around the shrine. Eventually the ferver of the Yoba worshippers vanished and they no longer could freely kill except at their Shrines of Chaos. This eventually led to the chaos worshipers and the newly formed peace lilly enthusiast’s to come together once again and spread across the lands once more leaving behind the devine lands of peace and chaos.

Shrine sugestion