Solo Server Family

So, I made a solo server and one of the things I like to do is come up with stories for each person I play as or give roles to them, so here’s what I have so far!

Beginner Adam: Found town, got it started a bit then sadly died of starvation. Not related to anyone.

Lone Wolf: Worked a lot on the town doing a lot of different things, farming, hunting, ect. Not related to anyone.

Wandering Scavenger: As the name implies, they most wandered around scavenging for resources. They were the ones to find iron and gold, but there was no tools to get the gold yet. They now have a Younger brother.

New Smithy: Worked on making tools, is married to Mother Goose. They have a daughter named Wild Flower.

Mother Goose- Continued working on tools as well as farming after Smithy died, she spent a lot of time learning how to make tools.

Wild Flower- Mostly farmed, but she also managed to make a few tools along with some fence!
I will update this or make another post when I come up with more.


Lost Scavenger- Younger brother of Wandering Scavenger, made tools and found more iron.

Little Bird- Younger sister of Wild Flower, she made clothes, hunted rabbits, and made boxes.

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